Monday, November 1, 2021

glasgow talks


boris 2 ladies guterres prince charles arrenborough -pm barbados young chile egyp dsabled 15% pm italy (dragion) blie pieter kenya climate yout activis

prince charles - terra carta map - 10 sectors starting with fashion energy ag transport

concenttion arbo inatmosphere that onr metric- only now have we changed by more than a degree in one generat

tosay those done least getting most damaged: rale of smartest species falining to see bigger picture but shorth-term goals

perhaps young people wil give us impetus

we understand the problem - we know 

stop carbon emissins this deecade

keep within reach of 1.5

newindustrial rev

healthy air fd for all 

nature is our ally - no nation has completed itsdevelopment as no nation is sutaibable

learn together to achieve this -

motivatec by hope not fear

did that number stop eiing because of what was done in glasgow

-a terible decline

a wonderful recovery

=barbados covid natioal solution ro global problem dont work

heading to 2.7 or 2 

20 bn shrt of 100 bn not to 2023

only 25% vs 50% promie

climate gfinance to suds declined 2019- result deaths - immoral , unjust

=what to say to people living on frontline carribean africa pacific ... wil leaders join us on front line covid/climate

one third prosperous, 2/3 on edge of extnction

leasers must not those who dailee t


25 trillion dollars quantitative esing - 9 nillion to covid - had we used that on climate/food we would

sdrs 500 billion dollars year in trust evey tear for next 20 years 

can we bring glasgow back on track or leave today failoyre before it started

bigger challenge now than when un formed

now double the nations

path of greed to sew seeds of destruction

the leaders of today must make choice

work with who is ready to go because train is leaving

code red to the g7, g20

1.5 is what we need to survice - 2 degrees is death sentence for barda=os, samoa - try harder actions now

young civil society

deom chile and egyptmatin america young women have examples of solution ro empower communitirs throughout world- urged civil soviety in 80 sounyries - proposals ro implemnt your children are collaborating why not yoy - work lovally to globally..  

egyp we have trained young people in green ecofriendlyentreprenurship- youth can start green social businesses - pit green nd circular ecnomic models top - we are hopeful to host cop27 ro showcse egypt cases

75 mins of earth to cop

voice of disabled - 15% of us -worlds largest minority

dragio - young people done us a service - cop needs to make them proud;; from fires fllods to bleaching or coral - price raising fast for poost nations - cost 390 bn per year for poorest nations - peace/security/new migration flows, terorsim/organised crime- climate can tear us apart - g20 accounts 805dgp and emissions- at rome g20 we agrred to limit 1.5 degrees - enhance nationally determined conttiburions- stop public fuding of cal by end of this year;;we must go furthe - cop needs to act beyong g20 segent - prince charles gave us a roadmap;; public money is tens of trillions but how are we using it- all ndbs and wrld banks co-share risks privte sectrs; we need national platfrms and woekd bank sarung platforms making money is usable

money is not a concern if we use it will

cip must be quatum leap with youth at centre

youth fr climate (held at g20) n=must e featore of all cops

uk young people competition - winning story of childs competition- 2025 half f world facing water scarcity

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