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The Kings of Intelligence -nature's and engineered

 Jargon in King Charles English , artificial=engineered (made by man) not nature-made ; Therefore very good AI20s.com blends nature and human intel wherever trusted English is language modeled

2030-20023 In these last 7 years of reversing SDG ignorance, there is logic to suggest that royal intelligence values inter-gerneration (exponential) good not 90-day extraction of politicians 10 second twitters

In any event I follow the intelligence advocated by Kings of UK, Netherlands, Japan which for cenrturies determined what trade freed or blocked the 2 in 3 humans who are Asian. For example anyone who has been to Royal Geographical Society at one corner of London's Royal Parks will note that Attenborough, Rose and Palin - have linked in decades of bbc (and Kings English) documentaries ang Charles intelligence which has ranged from Ashden community energy awards to the AI world series as well as linking in such royal observatories as the Netherlands GCA.org or the Various Japanese Green Intelligence movements since the current Emperor took a masters in water at oxford. Here are some of docs of rose, attenborough, palin from list made by SJ



139. Oceans (2008– )



Oceans is an eight-part documentary series on BBC Two, which seeks to provide a better understanding of the state of the Earth's oceans today, their role in the past, present, and future; ... See full summary »

Stars: Mark HallileyPhilippe Cousteau Jr.Lucy BluePaul Rose

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