Sunday, April 5, 2020

nhk series no more plastic - circular economy
jeplan massively recycles plastic and clothes our of japan and lille france
gamechanger 2018 china stopped importing other asian nations followed

thomas friedman 4 0 model- the nation that leads this will be both wealthiest and healthiest

i am reminded 20 years ago of the late great ray anderson of interface carpet manufacturing - he spent the last 10-15 years demonstrating that by designing a 10-year plan transforming a whole chain of partners even a market like carpet manufacturing could be profitably led by getting to zero footprint

Saturday, April 4, 2020

attenborough and ocean clean up

see great pacific garbage patch and the ocean clean up netherlands epicentre stared by student
if humans continue plastic life as normal, furst 100 years of plastic will result in more plastic than fish in oceans

the  expomemtial crisis of microplastics
see also life work david attenborough bbc - which billion youth have made viral on mobile

small fish eat microplastics, are eaten by big fish, then humans- microplastics become biohazard in diets