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links nations commitments
what sorts of solutions do you want: educational ... ai/tech connected . circular modeling.... trillion dollar audits transparency of market purpose . gzero movements ...other investment benchmarks- eg will 300 trillion dollar wester pension funds ever make sdg investments asset grade?.. other cop connected.. other un connected .
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  • cities connecting global climate adaptability vienna ceu/ki-moon; brac dhaka
  • cities connecting seattle microsoft hub ai earth
  • cities connecting arctic circle boston tufts - thinkinbeijing; singapore . london bbc paul rose; british embassy climate champions..
  • collaboration cafe cities - glasgow-london .bronx. brooklyn. dhaka
  • big debates: unilever carbon rainbow twitter 1..
    resource platforms - IRENA

    join our co-editors at if you wish to celebrate sustainability goals empowered by youthful community builders -help link 100 top places for youth jobs creation

    download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space

    2016 Diary of Millennial Sustainability Exchanges - add one Brooklyn: & Moores Million youth social solutions world January; &Kenya 28 January; more


    Friday, December 28, 2018

    open new year letter to philippe cousteau

    hello any chance of meeting?

    common areas of interest could include - reconnecting your work and mutual friend paul  rose- how can we get your work included in International Child Art Foundation - harnessing children's imaginations for positive social change summer 2019 on the mall for a week -only happens once every 4 years- connecting arctic circle youth - working out whats the main cooperation space between you and eg jack ma

    also back in uk paul rose needs to reconnect prince charles work at and all the bbc nature correspondents work including david attenboro and michael palin since this is one of the few areas in a post brexit world where english leaders networks can make an impact in 2019

    i dont understand why all of the above dont form a curriculum for massive open use by young people - who else is going to help green the planet - i go over to beijing every 2 months with news of teams ready to help translate missing curricula

    cheers chris macrae bethesda 240 316 8157

    Sunday, December 23, 2018

    China Sustainable Development Evaluation Report (2018)
    DescriptionTable of Content
    Publisher : Social Sciences Academic Press (China)
    Published Date : 11/2018
    Frequency : Annually
    Language : Chinese
    ISBN/ISSN : 978-7-5201-3745-4
    Pages : 353
    Weight : 1.60kg
    Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
    Book Type : Report
    Estimated Shipping Time

    This book has pioneered the construction of a new set of evaluation indicators for measuring China's sustainable development. This system includes five dimensions: economic development, social livelihood, resource environment, consumption emission and governance protection. According to this theoretical framework, The book has carried out comprehensive and systematic data validation analysis and ranking of the sustainable development of China's countries, provinces and 100 large and medium-sized cities in the past few years. The book also proposes a series of policy recommendations for China to promote ecological civilization construction and achieve sustainable governance, and to promote the implementation of the United Nations "new development agenda" in how to carry out closer international cooperation and other major issues.
    China Sustainable Development Evaluation Report (2018)

    Friday, December 7, 2018

    year in 2019 of economistgreen,com

    among MAXFG- our 5 world record jobs creators to japan olympics - we take pope francis as helping youth trust in intergenerational green-renewal
    here are some of the games of finve that translate word reord jiobs creatirs through a green world alumni of pope francis and of youth's sustainability would love to help you replicate to communities and peer netpwrks
     Abed Fazle value women   Ma Jack tech for youth's sustainability livelihoods
      Pope Francis
    value generation
     Guterres Urgency and depth of goals uniting young and old and nations  Xi Jinping value 100 national leaders trusts across 13 world trade Belt Roads
     urgent note dec 2018 green will never be in time if we cannot celebrate china's tech 5 XBATH (X-elerator of Tsinghua worldide uni of public servants, Baidu of Li, Alibaba of Jack Ma, Tencent of Pony Ma, Huawei of Ren Zhengfei
    In china where half a billion under 30s livelihoods need to be planted and one fifth of the world's people live (half on 20% of earth's land within 3000 miles of beijing) 
    supercities and their world trade maps for sustainability generation cant afford costs of not going green (cf prince charles and related big data small accounting projects)
     cost of health and food security  cost of homes for working families and education for lifelong learning and working
      exponential risks and cost of not valuing green and digital cooperation 1 2 
     cost of transport for youth and smog  testing purpose of tech locally before replicating it through every one of world's supercity

     Unhab Shared economies supercities  Shared Cars
      Shared Culture- peace dividends community rising 
     Shared properties - edutourism  Shared Bikes

     Elon Musk - world space greenest transport  Ray Andersen if fortune 1000 carpet making ceo can profit in journey to zero footprint what market cannot
     Pope Francis & Prince Charles resolving Latin & English commonwealths 
     Zhang Yue green buildings  Williams and Frelings- from Carter's Energy Csar to knowhow for billion microsolar

     5 mother tongues of Green AI:Chinese English Latin Coding Other mother tongues   BBC Oceans Paul Rose
      Prince Charles 
     Astronaut Ron Garan's University of Stars  BBC cultures, Arctic Belt Circle and Royal Geo Michael Palin

     Green world heritage sites as labs for global universuity of expl learning  Green Big Bang delegations (& blockchains) of AIIB est korea 2016
      Jack Ma Green and edu foundations 
     Artcic Circle as defing belt road of green sustainability  Olympics celebarting all youth commity replicating heroines from sports to green

     Green Club of Rome annual youth world championships of community buildres 
      Pope francis favorite alumni netwrks in rome/vatican 
     Nobel peace summit club of rome  new underground coliseum of all the worlds cultures and arts incluidning up to 1500 when the western med sea end of the known world celebrated francis twin movemnts of natures men and health's women (Clares Hubs)

    In China most big founders care more about the purpose of their market sector in sustaining future gerations than proft extraction- beijing number 1 business club for youth's world
    elected jack ma to keep them digitally as well as communally connected- this is just one of the exciting spaces that surround tsinghua university as the world's numbre
    1 partner university in sustainability and engineering without borders
    CEC Membership
    Executive Board Members
    Jack Ma
    Chairman, China Entrepreneur Club
    Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group
    Ma Weihua
    President, China Entrepreneur Club; President of Council, National Fund for Technology Transfer and Commercialization; Former President, China Merchants Bank
    Liu Donghua
    Founder and Vice President, China Entrepreneur Club; Founder and Chief Guideline Officer, Zhisland
    Jiurnalist Liu may be retiring -he founded CEC 
    Liu Yonghao
    Vice President, China Entrepreneur Club; Chairman, New Hope Group; Vice Chairman, China Minsheng Banking Corp., LTD.
    Michael Yu
    Vice President, China Entrepreneur Club; Chairman and CEO, New Oriental Education and Technology Group; Founding Partner, Angel Plus
    Guo Guangchang
    Vice President, China Entrepreneur Club; Chairman, Fosun Group
    Ding Liguo
    Executive Chairman, Delong Holding Limited
    Dennis Wang
    Chairman and CEO, HuaYi Brothers Media Co., Ltd.
    Wang Wenjing
    Chairman & CEO, yonyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.
    Wang Yusuo
    Chairman, ENN Group
    Wang Weibin
    Chairman, Suntrans Group; Chairman, Puxiang Health Group; Curator, Shenyu Museum
    Wang Junhao
    Vice Chairman and President, JuneYao Group
    Wang Bing
    Chairman, Ai You Charity Foundation
    Peter Wang
    Chairman of the Board, Tentimes Group Co., Inc.
    Cher Wang
    Chairman and CEO, HTC Group
    Niu Gensheng
    Founder, Mengniu Dairy Group; Founder and Honorary President, Lao Niu Foundation
    Deng Feng
    Founding Managing Director, Northern Light Venture Capital (NLVC)
    Feng Lun
    Chairman, Vantone Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Feng Jun
    Chairman, aigo Digital Technology Co. Ltd.
    Lu Zhiqiang
    Chairman, China Oceanwide Holdings Group
    Frank Ning
    Chairman of the Board, COFCO Corporation
    Edward Tian
    Chairman, China Broadband Capital Partners, L.P. (CBC); Chairman, AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc.
    Ai Xin
    Chairman, Suntone Group
    Liu Jun
    Chairman, Eagle International Group Holdings (South Africa)
    Liu Lefei
    Vice Chairman, CITIC Securities; Chairman and CEO, CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd.
    Liu Jiren
    Chairman and CEO, Neusoft Corporation
    Zhu Xinli
    Chairman, China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited
    Wu Yajun
    Chairwoman, Longfor Group
    Jim Zhang
    Chief Representative, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Asia Pacific Region; Chairman, LAONIU Foundation
    Zhang Yichen
    Chairman and CEO,CITIC Capital Holdings Limited
    Zhang Yong
    Board chairman, Sichuan Haidilao Catering Company Ltd
    Tomson Li
    Chairman of the Board and CEO, TCL Corporation
    Jeffrey Li
    Chairman & CEO, GL Capital Group
    Yang Shaopeng
    Chairman of the Board, SITC International Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Wang Chaoyong
    Founding Chairman and CEO, ChinaEquity Group Inc.
    Shen Guojun
    Chairman of the Board, Intime Department Store (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Zhou Chengjian
    Chairman, Metersbonwe Fashion and Accessories Co., Ltd.
    Miao Hongbing
    Chairman, White-collar Fashion Co., Ltd.
    Frank Wu
    Chairman of the Board, Central China Real Estate Ltd.
    Liu Chuanzhi
    Chairman, Legend Holdings Corporation;Founder & Honorary Chairman, Lenovo Group Limited
    Jia Yueting
    CEO, Le Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd
    Xia Hua
    Chairwoman, EVE Group
    Xu Jinghong
    Chairman of the Board, Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Justin Tang
    Charles Chao
    Chairman and CEO, SINA Corporation; Chairman, Weibo Corporation
    Huang Nubo
    Board Chairman, Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group
    Chang Zhenming
    Chairman, CITIC Group Corporation (CITIC Limited Corporation)
    Jiang Xipei
    Chairman of the Board and CEO, Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd.
    Lei Jun
    Founder, Chairman&CEO, Xiaomi Inc.
    Maggie Cheng
    Secretary-General, China Entrepreneur Club
    Wu Jinglian
    Researcher, Development Research Center for the State Council
    Long Yongtu
    Chief Negotiator of China's WTO accession,Former secretary-general of BOAO Forum for Asia
    Ai Feng
    Vice Chairman, China Top Brand Strategy Promotion Committee
    Wu Jianmin
    Member of the Foreign Policy Advisory Group of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Senior Research Fellow of Counsellors' office of the State Council
    Zhang Weiying
    Professor of Economics, National School of Development, Peking University
    Zhou Qiren
    Professor, National School of Development, Peking University
    Xu Xiaonian
    Professor of Economics and Finance, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
    Qian Yingyi
    Dean and Professor, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

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