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    Wednesday, March 31, 2021

    circular zero

     some circular economy briefings from japans nhk

    china's decision to stop importing other countries waste plastic is a game changer for true recyclers - jeplan is a leading benchmark - see response to this company's 2019 presentation at paris forum

    thomas friedman and hal harvey say first country to lead on four zeros will become wealthiest and healthiest

    Hal Harvey of Energy Innovation calls “The Four Zeros.”  According to Harvey, The Four Zeros include:


    • A zero-carbon grid. With alternative energy and storage systems, we have started on the path toward reducing carbon emissions from the electric grid. This combination of renewable generation and energy storage is on the way to becoming the least-cost energy resource. Going all of the way to a zero emission grid will require that we greatly increase zero emission power sources and storage systems as well as utilizing a range of innovative technologies that enhance flexibility. Utility-scale installations are necessary along with decentralized, consumer-driven projects that are integrated with the grid. With a flexible zero-carbon grid, we would eventually be able to electrify everything – carbon free.
    • Zero-emission transportation. We have the technology for electric vehicles (EVs), and more major automobile manufacturers are coming out with new EV models with longer ranges. Currently, most EVs charge at the owners’ homes. For daily commutes, this is the ultimate in convenience, but it means most EVs are currently “second cars” not suitable for long trips. We need to build out the public charging facilities with fast chargers in order to increase demand for electric vehicles. By combining electric vehicles and electric public transportation with a zero-carbon grid or zero-positive buildings, we will have a zero-carbon transportation system.
    • Zero-carbon/zero-energy buildings. All the technologies for zero energy buildings are off the shelf and readily available. Measured by the total cost of ownership, zero carbon buildings are cost competitive and usually cost less to own. Additionally, health and comfort benefits may be even more significant, but are difficult to quantify or express in monetary terms. California and Oregon have now mandated that all new construction get on the path to zero after 2020.
    • Zero-waste manufacturing. Waste squanders energy and increases carbon emissions. New manufacturing techniques, such as 3-D printing, advanced engineering, and advanced chemistry, can significantly reduce waste. The product design stage is essential to success here. Manufacturers can design and build products that use less raw materials and that are easily disassembled and recycled. For example, some innovative grocery stores are now only selling packaging-free products in their stores.

    French circular economy roadmap. pdf icon. ENFR · 50 measures for a 100% ...
    Dec 22, 2020 — It includes 50 measures for a 100circular economy, divided into four key priority areas: better production, better consumption, better waste ...

    some notable stories from paris which also hosted this 2019 forum

    Feb 8, 2019 — Plastics Solutions Forum: ÉEQ and Citeo bring together actors from all segments of the value chain to develop plastics recycling · A priority for all ...

    paris&co startup incubation space has nearly 20 circular enonony startups

    -interesting case plastifcin partnership with microsoft uses ai to detect whayt type of plastic is being recycled- issue there are nearly 20 different types of plastic each of which needs to be separately sorted for circula recycling


    For our society to successfully shift to The Four Zeros, we will all need to make changes in our personal and professional lives. Those of us involved in zero energy buildings are leaders driving this shift. At the same time, we all need to be moving toward the other three zeroes: purchasing an electric vehicle when buying a car, walking and biking when feasible, reusing and recycling wherever possible, and purchasing products with less or no packaging and with a lower waste/carbon footprint, are steps we should all take.

    We may also want to consider becoming more politically active in support of moving our society toward The Four Zeros. As suggested by Thomas Friedman in his recent New York Times editorial, advocating for a carbon tax or some form of carbon pricing would certainly put The Four Zeros on the front burner in elections. There are so many ways to help our country move faster towards becoming a zero net carbon society. Let’s get started!


    notable before emanuel faber edged on by a minority shareholder in 2021- danone helped by velia had committed to 100% circularity of plastic in bottled water- monitor if this is still on track

    circular economies benchmarks

     this hopping conference june 2021 offers usa benchmark


    George Bandy Jr.

    Head of Worldwide Circular Economy, Amazon

    Benjamin Von Wong


    Catherine Coleman Flowers

    Founder & Director, Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice

    Deborah Drew

    Social Impact Lead, Business Center, World Resources Institute

    John Mascari

    Co-Founder & COO, Blueland

    Lisa Jackson

    Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Apple

    Natasha Pergl

    Sustainable Business Innovation Lead, SAP

    Jesper Danielsson

    Head of Design & Product, Houdini Sportswear

    Dan Leif

    Managing Editor, Resource Recycling Inc.

    Alex Greenhalgh CEO & Co-Founder @ Spintex

    Co-founder & CEO, Spintex Engineering

    Emily Tipaldo

    Executive Director, U.S. Plastics Pact

    Ryan Cooper, Dir. of Circular Economy Solutions

    Director Circular Economy Solutions, Organics Recycling Lead, Rubicon

    Sara Wingstrand

    Programme Manager, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Peter Fadoul, Sustainability @ U.S. Chamber Foundation

    Associate Manager, Sustainability and Circular Economy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

    Renay Loper

    Vice President, Program Innovation, PYXERA Global

    Alice Hartley

    Director, Product Sustainability, Gap Inc.

    Anne Schauer-Gimenez, VP Cust. Eng., Mango Materials

    VP of Customer Engagement, Mango Materials

    Bryan Sheehan

    Managing Director, North America, Edge Environment

    Yonathan Shiran

    Partner, Plastics Lead, SYSTEMIQ

    Sebastian Shaw

    Director of Strategic Development, Adobe

    Jessica Long

    Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer, Closed Loop Partners

    Margaret Henry

    Director, Sustainable Agriculture, PepsiCo

    Lauren Phipps, Circular Economy Director & Sr Analyst, GreenBiz

    Director & Senior Analyst, Circular Economy, GreenBiz Group

    Erin Simon

    Head, Plastic Waste and Business, WWF

    Tom Szaky

    Founder and CEO, Terracycle

    Olayinka Credle

    Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Melanin Essentials

    Hannah Friedman

    Investment Associate, Closed Loop Partners

    Ingrid Sinclair Global President Sims Lifecycle Services

    Global President, Sims Lifecycle Services

    Rachel Kipar

    Circular Ventures Manager, The Recycling Partnership

    Jay Reno

    Founder & CEO, Feather

    Ehab Sayed

    Founder & Director of Innovation, Biohm

    David Goubert

    President & Chief Customer Officer, Neiman Marcus Group

    Cory Skuldt

    Director, Corporate Citizenship

    Cynthia Power

    Director, Eileen Fisher Renew, EILEEN FISHER INC.

    Zora Chung, ReJoule Cofounder and CFO

    Co-founder and CFO, ReJoule

    Julie Zaniewski

    Director of Sustainability, Dow

    Theanne Schiros

    Co-founder & CSO, Werewool

    Kyle Wiens

    CEO, iFixit

    Jim Goddin

    Technical Director Circular Economy, thinkstep-anz

    Cher Mereweather, CEO, Provision Coalition Inc.

    President & CEO, Provision Coalition

    Michelle Graves

    Director, Global Design Challenge and Launchpad, Biomimicry Institute

    Michelle Tulac, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Programs Manager - North America, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Rachel Goldstein

    North America Policy Director, Mars

    Harald Tepper

    Sr. Dir Sustainability, Global Lead Circular Economy, Philips

    Laura Balmond

    Lead, Make Fashion Circular, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    John Campbell

    Vice President of Government Relations, Ball Corporation

    Claudia Freed

    President & CEO, EALgreen

    Irene Martinetti

    Manager, Circular Economy, WBCSD

    Suzanne Shelton

    President & CEO, Shelton Group

    Lee Spivak

    Managing Principal, Sustainability Services, Waste Management

    Halide Alagoz

    Chief Product and Sustainability Officer, Ralph Lauren

    Taylor Price

    Manager, Global Sustainability, Aptar Group

    Katie Schindall

    Director, Circular Economy, Cisco

    Nick Abbatiello

    Senior Distinguished Engineer, Experience Design Group, Dell Technologies

    Jeannie Renne-Malone

    Vice President, Global Sustainability, VF Corporation

    Alesha Hartley, Certification Manager @UFA

    Certification Manager, Upcycled Food Association

    Dave Ford Ocean Plastics Leadership Network

    Executive Director, Ocean Plastics Leadership Network

    Ke Wang

    Knowledge Lead, PACE

    Maher Damak

    CEO & Co-Founder, Infinite Cooling

    Deonna Anderson, Senior Editor at GreenBiz

    Senior Editor, GreenBiz Group

    Mathy Stanislaus

    Secretariat, Director Public Policy & Engagement, Global Battery Alliance

    Nell Fry

    Director Sustainability, Sodexo

    Jorge Montezuma, Director of Engineering, Atlas Organics

    Director of Engineering, Atlas Organics Inc.

    Javier Guillot

    Environmental Culture Lead, Department for Citizen Culture, Mayor's Office of Bogotá

    Luana Pinheiro

    Sustainability Transformation Manager - Americas, Tetra Pak

    Natasha Franck

    Founder & CEO, Eon

    Ellen Jackowski

    Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer, HP Inc

    Ric Fulop

    Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Desktop Metal

    Laura Vicaria

    CSR Manager, MUD Jeans

    Carmen Valache

    Project and Communications Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Sydney Badger

    Co-Founder & CEO, Public Habit

    John Hocevar

    Ocean Campaigns Director, Greenpeace USA

    Paula Luu

    Director, Center for the Circular Economy, Closed Loop Partners

    Bob Gedert, National Recycling Coalition President

    President, National Recycling Coalition

    Arjan Hassing

    Circular Economy, Innovation strategy & partnerships, City of Amsterdam - CTO Innovation Office

    Deborah Dull

    Principal, Manufacturing Product Management, GE Digital

    William McDonough

    Chief Executive, McDonough Innovation

    Jonathan Pereira

    Executive Director, Plant Chicago

    Suz Okie, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBiz

    Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBiz Group

    Katherine Huded

    Director of Circular Ventures, The Recycling Partnership

    Bastian Buck

    Chief of Standards, GRI

    Thomas McKay

    Senior Program Manager - Circular Economy Solutions, BASF

    Mazi Ukonu

    CEO, RecyclePoints

    Sydney Harris Senior Associate, Policy & programs

    Senior Associate, Policy & Programs, Product Stewardship Institute

    David Tulauskas

    VP, Chief Sustainability Officer, BlueTriton Brands

    Nirav Patel

    Founder, Framework

    Adam Minter

    Columnist, Bloomberg

    Alex Waite, co-Founder Shameless Pets

    co-Founder & CIO, Shameless Pets

    Boma Brown-West

    Director – Consumer Health, Environmental Defense Fund

    Sophie Rifkin

    Director, Corporate Research and Engagement, NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business

    Richardson Antoine

    Impact Manager, First Mile

    Paul Clark, GM Microsoft Cloud Sustainability

    GM Microsoft Cloud Supply Chain Sustainability, Microsoft

    Janis Searles Jones

    Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Conservancy

    Nina Goodrich, GreenBlue

    Executive Director, & SPC

    Alex Kremer

    Head of Worn Wear, Patagonia

    Amy Kang

    Sr. Director Product Management, CaaStle

    Billy Almon


    Marisa Guber

    Partnerships Manager, Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute

    Kari Armbruster

    Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Project Manager, Kroger

    Natalie J. Hallinger, PhD - Behavior Change Strategist

    Director of Behavioral Science, Litterati

    Sarah Dearman

    VP of Circular Ventures, The Recycling Partnership

    Allison Shapiro

    Executive Director, Closed Loop Partners

    Anna Hammond

    Founder, CEO, Matriark Foods

    Jeff Greene

    R&D Technical Director, Global Sustainable Packaging, P&G

    Alejandra Sánchez Ayala

    Sustainability Leader, C&A

    Jodie Roussell

    Senior Public Affairs Manager, Packaging & Envrionment, Nestlé

    Seth Olson

    Strategic Partnerships Manager, Resonance

    Jessica Vieira

    Senior Director, Sustainability, Apeel

    Joe Macleod

    Head of Endineering, Founder, andEnd

    Sinclair Vincent

    Director of Sustainable Development Programs and M, Verra

    Dana Gunders

    Executive Director, ReFED

    John Holm

    Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, PYXERA Global

    Joseph Tabet

    Vice President, Circular Economy, Flex

    Anna Balez

    Co-founder Executive, Lizee

    Allison Ward, Dell Technologies

    Regulatory Senior Engineer, Dell Technologies

    Michelle Zhu

    CEO & Co-Founder, Huue

    John Davies

    Senior Vice President, Senior Analyst, GreenBiz Group

    Dylan de Thomas

    VP of External Affairs, The Recycling Partnership

    Francesca Lilley, Head of Sustainability & Brand Strategy

    Global Head of Sustainability and Brand Strategy, COS

    Adwoa Coleman

    Country Manager - Ghana, Dow

    Simon Isaksson

    Co-founder & CEO, Aquammodate

    Cecily Martinez-Caloca@GreenBiz

    Customer Support Coordinator, GreenBiz Group

    Daniel Kurzrock

    CEO, ReGrained

    Imari Walker

    Environmental Engineering PhD Candidate, Duke University

    Michele Grossman

    Director of Sustainability, Waste Management

    Vivien Luk

    Executive Director, Work

    Alix Grabowski

    Deputy Director, Plastic & Material Science, WWF

    Garry Cooper (he/him)

    CEO & Co-founder, Rheaply

    Rob Herb

    Vice President, Global Asset Manager, Healthcare & Clean Technology, DLL

    JaNay Queen Nazaire

    Chief Strategy Officer, Living Cities

    Chris Krohn

    Director, IDEO

    Mike Werner

    Lead for Circular Economy, Google

    Liz Corbin

    Research Director, Metabolic

    Sinclair Vincent

    Senior Manager, Standards Development, Verra

    Helen Crowley, Head Sustainable Sourcing@Kering

    Head of Sustainable Sourcing & Nature Initiatives, Kering

    Eva Gladek, Metabolic

    Founder & CEO, Metabolic

    Esther Goodwin Brown

    Lead of the Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy

    Dorothy Shaver

    Global Marketing Food Sustainability Lead, Unilever

    Jarkko Havas

    Insight & Analysis Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Ilektra Kouloumpi Senior Cities Strategist at Circle Economy

    Senior Strategist - Thriving Cities, Circle Economy

    Ellen Martin

    Chief Impact Officer, Circulate Capital

    Nicole Bassett

    CEO, The Renewal Workshop

    Gwen Cunningham, Lead Circle Textiles, Circle Economy

    Lead Circle Textiles Program, Circle Economy

    Holli Alexander

    Strategic Initiatives Manager, Global Sustainability, Eastman

    Helene Smits

    Chief Sustainability Officer, Recover

    Mayealie Adams

    Director of Compliance, Political and Government Affairs, Philips

    Ashima Sukhdev

    Program Lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Joel Makower

    Chairman & Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group

    Ned Tomasevic

    CEO, Reusability

    Sarah Golden, Energy Analyst, GreenBiz

    Energy Analyst | Chair, VERGE Energy & Electrify, GreenBiz Group

    Sherrie Totoki Director of Startup Programs @ Greenbiz

    Director of Startup Programs, GreenBiz Group

    Charlie Schwarze

    Director - Packaging Sustainability and Product Stewardship, Keurig Dr. Pepper

    Soukeyna Gueye

    Project Manager, C19 Economic Recovery, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Jessica Stago

    Change Labs Director of Business Incubation, Grand Canyon Trust

    Holly Elwood Senior Advisor, Environ. Pref. Purch. Program

    Senior Advisor, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program, United States Environmental Protection Agency

    Paul Hagen

    Principal, Beveridge & Diamond P.C.

    Heather Clancy - VP, Editorial Director @ GreenBiz

    VP, Editorial Director, GreenBiz Group

    Jim Giles

    Senior Analyst, Food & Carbon Systems, GreenBiz Group

    Natasha Dyer

    Senior Recycling Program Coordinator, City of Atlanta - Mayor's Office of Resilience

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    You’ll be able to access the event 5 minutes before it starts.

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    GreenBiz Group is a media and events company that accelerates the just transition to a clean economy.


    Schedule 15 june 2021

     · Networking
    Opening Networking
    Connect with fellow participants in the ‘Networking’ area to engage in one-on-one video chats.
      · Expo
    Connect with circular economy leaders, download their resources, and attend their booth sessions in the Expo area.
     · Main Stage
    Welcome to Circularity
    What will it take to accelerate the circular economy?
    Lauren Phipps, Circular Economy Director & Sr Analyst, GreenBiz
      · Main Stage
    Living in the Intertidal Zone
    What can nature can tell us about managing future waves of change and enduring the churn of uncertainty?
    Billy Almon
      · Main Stage
    Lisa P. Jackson: Circular Economy Innovation at Apple
    How Apple's circular economy strategy supports its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030.
    Lisa JacksonJoel Makower
      · Main Stage
    Big Little Talks: Climate
    Soukeyna GueyeHelen Crowley, Head Sustainable Sourcing@KeringClaudia  Freed
     · Main Stage
    Leading from 'Behind': Emerging Markets are Already Circular
    What can rich countries learn from well-developed circular economy strategies in emerging markets?
    Adam Minter
     · Networking
    Networking Break
    Connect with fellow participants in the ‘Networking’ area to engage in one-on-one video chats.
     · Expo
    Connect with circular economy leaders, download their resources, and attend their booth sessions in the Expo area.
     · Sessions
    Opportunities in the Bioeconomy
    What financial, regenerative, and sourcing opportunities lie in a bio-based economy, and how can you support a sustainable transition?
    Liz CorbinNick AbbatielloJim Goddin
     · Sessions
    Circular Apparel: Designing for Next Life and New Models
    What design criteria must be considered and prioritized when designing apparel for reuse, repair, rental or recycling?
    Jeannie Renne-MaloneLaura BalmondAlice Hartley
      · Sessions
    Understanding and Upskilling for the Circular Jobs Market
    What employment opportunities does the circular economy afford, and what skills and re-training should be prioritized?
    Esther Goodwin BrownKatie SchindallLauren Phipps, Circular Economy Director & Sr Analyst, GreenBiz
      · Sessions
    The State of Federal Packaging and Recycling Policy (1 hour session)
    What is the current landscape of proposed packaging and recycling legislation, and what is industry's in advancing these policies?
    Dylan de ThomasSydney Harris Senior Associate, Policy & programsJohn CampbellRachel Goldstein
     · Sessions
    Circular Cities: Lessons Learned from the EU
    What lessons can be learned from European circular cities, and how can they unlock transformational economic, social and sustainable change?
    Ilektra Kouloumpi  Senior Cities Strategist at Circle Economy Eva Gladek, MetabolicSuz Okie, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBizArjan Hassing
    15 june  · Sessions
    Preserving Biodiversity Through the Circular Economy
    How can the transition to a circular economy support the preservation of biodiversity?
    Soukeyna GueyeDorothy ShaverHelen Crowley, Head Sustainable Sourcing@Kering
    15 june  · Sessions
    Circular Electronics: Designing for Next Life and New Models
    What design criteria must be considered and prioritized when designing electronics for reuse, repair, rental or recycling?
    Allison Ward, Dell TechnologiesBrendan Edgerton, Director of Circular Economy, WBCSDNirav PatelIngrid Sinclair Global President Sims Lifecycle Services
     · Sessions
    Co-Creating an Inclusive Circular Economy
    What will it take to ensure a just, inclusive circular economy for both workers and consumers?
    Jessica StagoGarry Cooper (he/him)Renay Loper
    15 june  · Sessions
    Habits and Hooks: Ensuring Consumer Engagement
    How can your company ensure consumer engagement in order to advance circular initiatives?
    Natalie J. Hallinger, PhD - Behavior Change StrategistBob Gedert, National Recycling Coalition PresidentJavier GuillotCory Skuldt
     · Expo
    Getting to Circular Products: The Importance of Data
    Visibility of data is essential to make today’s supply chains better and designing the circular products of the future. Location: Higg booth
     · Networking
    Networking Break
    Connect with fellow participants in the ‘Networking’ area to engage in one-on-one video chats.
      · Expo
    Connect with circular economy leaders, download their resources, and attend their booth sessions in the Expo area.
     · Sessions
    Innovators Showcase: Upcycled Food
    What are some of the most groundbreaking innovations in upcycled food?
    Daniel KurzrockAnna HammondAlex Waite, co-Founder Shameless PetsAlesha Hartley, Certification Manager @UFA
     · Sessions
    How to Build A Comprehensive Circular Strategy
    How can your company establish an ambitious, organization-wide circular economy strategy that’s embraced by key internal stakeholders?
    John DaviesHalide AlagozHarald Tepper
     · Sessions
    Reusable Packaging: From Pilot to Scale
    How can your company implement reusable packaging solutions across your supply chain, and what does it take to scale them beyond a pilot?
    Ned TomasevicChris KrohnOlayinka CredleTom Szaky
    15 june  · Sessions
    The Nexus of Public Health and Plastics
    What are the health implications of plastics on both people and the planet?
    Imari WalkerBoma Brown-WestDeonna Anderson, Senior Editor at GreenBiz
    15 june  · Sessions
    Re-Make Good: The Case for Remanufacturing
    What is the opportunity for implementing remanufacturing initiatives, and what would it take for your company to embrace this model?
    Mayealie AdamsJoseph TabetDeborah DullPeter Fadoul, Sustainability @ U.S. Chamber Foundation
    15 june  · Sessions
    Interactive: Exploring Regenerative Food Systems
    Bring your own challenges and ideas to this interactive discussion. Please arrive promptly as availability is first-come, first-served!
     · Sessions
    Interactive: Financing the Circular Economy
    Bring your own challenges and ideas to this interactive discussion. Please arrive promptly as availability is first-come, first-served!
    15 june  · Sessions
    Interactive: Enabling an Inclusive Circular Transition
    Bring your own challenges and ideas to this interactive discussion. Please arrive promptly as availability is first-come, first-served!
    15 june  · Sessions
    Interactive: Resilience through Business Model Innovation
    Bring your own challenges and ideas to this interactive discussion. Please arrive promptly as availability is first-come, first-served!
      · Expo
    Connect with circular economy leaders, download their resources, and attend their booth sessions in the Expo area.
      · Networking
    Opening Networking
    Connect with fellow participants in the ‘Networking’ area to engage in one-on-one video chats.
      · Main Stage
    Day 2 Welcome
    Lauren Phipps, Circular Economy Director & Sr Analyst, GreenBiz
      · Main Stage
    Circularity 21 Emerging Leaders
    Cecily Martinez-Caloca@GreenBiz
      · Main Stage
    Why Consumer Endings are Critical for a Better, Fairer Future
    Why do we overlook consumer endings, and what would it take to unlock opportunity this untapped opportunity?
    Joe Macleod
      · Main Stage
    Big Little Talks: Consumption
    John MascariDeborah DrewDana Gunders
      · Main Stage
    Waste Is an Environmental Justice Issue, with Community Organizer Catherine Coleman Flowers
    Environmental health advocate Catherine Coleman Flowers joins us for a conversation on how businesses can help fix our broken waste management infrastructure.
    Catherine Coleman FlowersHeather Clancy - VP, Editorial Director @ GreenBiz
      · Main Stage
    Ray of Hope Prize
    Hear from this year’s winner of the Ray of Hope Prize about their winning biomimicry-inspired innovation.
      · Main Stage
    Consumer Behavior Change: Are You Doing it Right?
    Which approaches should be at the center of consumer behavior change strategies?
    Natalie J. Hallinger, PhD - Behavior Change Strategist
      · Main Stage
    Suz Okie, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBiz
      · Expo
    trinamiX: Circular Opportunities in the Palm of Your Hand
    Experience how trinamiX Near Infrared Spectroscopy Solutions can be leveraged to enable the Circular Economy. Location: BASF Booth
      · Networking
    Networking Break
    Connect with fellow participants in the ‘Networking’ area to engage in one-on-one video chats.
      · Expo
    Connect with circular economy leaders, download their resources, and attend their booth sessions in the Expo area.
      · Sessions
    Cultivating a Regenerative Food System
    What does a regenerative, just food system look like, and what will it take to bring it to scale from farm to factory to fork, and back?
    Seth OlsonNell FryCher Mereweather, CEO, Provision Coalition Inc.Margaret Henry
      · Sessions
    Purchase, Profit, Repeat: The Case for Resale
    What are the strategic incentives for reselling your products, and how can your company reap the financial and sustainability benefits?
    Nicole BassettFrancesca Lilley, Head of Sustainability & Brand StrategyAlex KremerSophie Rifkin
      · Sessions
    Tools of the Trade: Circular Standards and Metrics
    What standards, metrics and tools exist to measure progress towards a circular economy, and which best meet your needs?
    Sarah Golden,  Energy Analyst, GreenBizJarkko HavasMarisa GuberBastian BuckIrene Martinetti
      · Sessions
    How to Set 2025 Packaging Goals
    How can your company think holistically and prioritize reduction and elimination when setting packaging goals?
    Nina Goodrich, GreenBlueDavid TulauskasLuana Pinheiro
      · Sessions
    How to Partner with Waste Collector Communities
    What role do waste collectors play in your supply chain, and how can you ensure dignity and equity when procuring recycled materials?
    Vivien LukAdwoa ColemanRichardson Antoine
      · Sessions
    The Need for National Composting
    What does an effective national composting system look like, and what will it take to bring it to scale?
    Nora Goldstein, Editor BioCycleJorge Montezuma, Director of Engineering, Atlas OrganicsMichelle Tulac, Ellen MacArthur FoundationRyan Cooper, Dir. of Circular Economy Solutions
      · Sessions
    Access vs. Ownership: The Case for Rental
    What does it take to successfully implement a rental business model, and how does this service shift your relationship with your customers?
    Amy KangDeonna Anderson, Senior Editor at GreenBizJay Reno
      · Sessions
    The Power of Procurement
    How can your company's procurement strategy advance the transition to a circular economy?
    Holly Elwood Senior Advisor, Environ. Pref. Purch. ProgramJaNay Queen NazaireMichele GrossmanJohn Davies
      · Sessions
    How to Achieve 2025 Packaging Goals: Roadmaps & Resources
    What will it take to achieve your company’s 2025 packaging commitments?
    Mike WernerSarah DearmanSuz Okie, Circular Economy Analyst, GreenBizEmily Tipaldo
      · Sessions
    The Global "Waste" Trade: Understanding the Basel Convention
    How does the Basel Convention govern the international trade of materials, and can it enable more circular systems?
    Paul HagenMathy StanislausLauren Phipps, Circular Economy Director & Sr Analyst, GreenBiz
      · Expo
    Comprehensive Sustainability Programs for Sports and Events
    Learn how WM’s network of environmental professionals helps advance organizations along the path toward sustainability. Location: WM booth.