Sunday, October 31, 2021

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Tomorrow is the opening of this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference -- also known as the 26th Conference of Parties, or COP26.

On the agenda: the future of our planet and the billions of people who live here.

The attendees will range from heads of state, mayors, and global business leaders to international NGOs, citizen activists, and nonprofit advocates. Mike, the UN Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, will be there as well, focused on accelerating the clean energy transition, elevating local climate action, and mobilizing climate financing.

We put together a playlist of short videos to highlight some of the most important issues at COP26. Watch now to get up to speed on what's happening this week:

What is COP?What Should I Know About COP? Answers in Under a Minute
Moving Beyond Coal at COP26Why Coal Will Take Center Stage at COP26 Climate Talks
Local Action and Climate ProgressHow Local Action is Driving Climate Progress
Financing Climate SolutionsWhat Does Climate Finance Mean at COP26?
Mike's Priorities for COP26Mike Bloomberg's Three Climate Priorities for COP26
Tracking Climate Ambition and FinanceTracking Climate Ambition and Finance at COP26

This week will be full of ambition and collaboration, as more than 195 countries gather to address the biggest challenge we face as a planet.

Take a moment to watch our climate playlist, and learn more about key issues as the COP26 gets underway:



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