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    Wednesday, April 28, 2021


    george tobola rota - treach out asia

    gced youth as agents of long term relationships

    how volunteerring helps youtconnects as citozens

    caitlin unesco in doha 3 years from australia  unesco

    lakitia programming officer virgina commonwealth partners -service learning international directors- also student life and culture transitions also north wester uni in doha for 10 years originally from los angeles

    connections with rose - joining frommleg=banon loca org in lebanon supportingyouth at risk and with dusability helping them being activemembers of society - innovation ways for youth - awesme job for me

    akmed - i world fonministry in doha; born herte; founder youth for envoronment try any locally action the goals

    first in rota theink local global seroes rota arrange actions parters univesities - celbrating spoecial un days tryong ti inspire teriary students in qatar - just webinar 1

    q to caitlin how does unesco define global youth cirizenship

    well unesco coordnates goal 4

    so citizenship goes to goal 4.7  -caitlin

    prevuously education seen as contrubting tofamily economy

    u now concerendewd with holiustic development of thelearners contributing to just sustaiavle workd

    3 pillars coginitive- critocial analysis

    2nd level social empotional shared values - eg global citizeb sees deforestratipn imacring diverse ways

    3rd leve behascioral where volunteer meets global citizeb

    see fab tresource gde campus gced 

    latisha vcuarts

    -also liberal arts program

    fashion desifgners can remake wirld sustainvle materia fashion design merchanding interdiscipliay ways of grwoing commericaial ars to tacle social challenges

    our most experienced volunteer coordinators next - rota welcomes rose and akmed long term partners of rota

    rose lebanon in 2017 met people from lebano to qatar to morocco with rota youth advisory group from misha 24 youth across mena region shatig isdeas researchbmontioring valuation

    worked in teams on this across aran=b world

    across conitnts sports for socil impact, erasmus class, all have helped me with my soft skills perspecrive needed to bring global confidence when i cam baxk to act locally in lebanon - volunteervexoerience in circus- all apprenticed my own employability

    ackmmed your volunterering journey - 

    looking for things that change my envirinment - projects cal also change me

    travelled eg to tunisia - i had dropped out from university but meeting people inntunisua who needee help more than me

    i was able to givethem english and fisrat aid classes with canadians etc - by hekpojg mentor them i grew my confidence and linked some exctinbg organisations local impsacts

    youth agency - cf carnegie framework cf tufs youth engagemnent

    practice the qualities of reatuvity sustainability how can volunteering be the pathway

    caitlin commitong time to cause bigger than yourself is notivating character buyilding - practiceat network wuith civil socity - actioning the ngos- thinkoutside box to do with limited resources

    by coming from ourside traditional org - can mediate, negotiates, inspites others to access . poistive enthusiam multuipleies

    question i ask as an educator overlsap bewten pearcive volunterr sand more formal edu cf marta -mutually reinforcing changeedu system the more volunrewer practice

    lamitha lrarnig by doing arts parter local nepal association

    field study trips arioung world in experiential learning

    art work helps do this eg in our visit to greece museums

    different world viewthan own lovality - loking inard and outsude at same time

    world citizen - cf what gandhi meant

    to vbe community builder vcu - to be worldwitizeb - exhibition poerry/arys excibitions to exporess feeling durig pandemic cf song - our students also get chane to yeach arttherapy lessos - reseiging jewelry, indigenous solutions jumper for workes inb cibstruction sites rhat help  cool them down

    over to rose-- in lebanon

    as child very wooried - in my 20s the3se global connectons freed me from just local struggle -volkunteering one month in spain

    pracice in georgia villages

    aha regardless of location born youh hve many same problems -have examples of success and tragedy - societoes only grow when collectib=vvity comes from tranlating working resilient caring society idea from abriad to local

    helped me love country more in spite of our troubles

    over to akmed

    by volunterring i became more resonsible

    being given platfprm to see diffet ideasvround world

    the believeinyouth helpijg yoputh crrate the future- example envronmetal actions in dhainstead of just theoreticalpolicy

    caitlin from un perspectiove volunteer agency unv web great examples of volunter projects for graduates -look out for whether interns give volunteer

    latisha - deliver eg water to local construcio sitesv see learn do

    rose --  

    Tuesday, April 27, 2021

    podcast climate stories 

    level of commitment too low carney-mickethwait

    aiming to keep 1.5 degree within reach!

    :25 AM - Investing in the Climate Future

    The former Governor of the Bank of England and current Brookfield Vice Chair and Head of ESG and Impact Fund Investing Mark Carney discusses his climate finance priorities for the year ahead as we prepare for COP26.

    • Mark Carney, Vice Chair and Head of Impact Investing, Brookfield Asset Management
    • Moderator: John Micklethwait, Editor-In-Chief, Bloomberg taskforce

    any carbon omitted has to be removed - netzero by 2050
    1st duty reduce absolute emissions complemented by offsets

    Web results

    The new Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), chaired by Mark ... zero no later than 2050 in line with the criteria of the UN Race to Zero campaign.
    race to zero
    carney adviser tojohnson-
    -see carbon commission in uk
    gfanz glasgow finacial initiative

    Full details on the requirements for GFAN members will be confirmed late this week. For now, it is known that all members must have a net-zero target in place for 2050 or sooner, developed in a way that meets the requirements of Race to Zero. They must also develop science-based interim targets and commit to regular reporting of progress in line with best-practice methodologies.

    Many members already have such targets. The likes of Goldman Sachs. Citi Group, Bank of America and Aviva Investors have announced net-zero financed emissions goals in 2021.

    Mark Carney to chair 'Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero' ahead of COP26

    modi450 gigwatss renewable intendi build

    most countries polociesnot all way up to commitments
    kerry presidential envoy -

    Monday, April 26, 2021

     biden energy 40 bn dollar loan program

    120 consumer goods companies in "the loop" platform for packages  

    • Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle 

    lots of talk of aggressive goals but how action?

    #blloomberggreen un special envpy

    cities contries companies setting net zero goals - look foward to cop26 november- how can we do more between now and then

    al gore -training  the climate reality project - week long action curriculum -then track their actions over 10000 alumni network

    regretably too many climate deniers with pr specialists who were usedto tobacco playbook oil/gas/coal companies too long - also wreckless sites like facebook..

    whats achievable at cop26?

    exercise your right as citizen to tell representives- change the policy makers

    as for cop26- crucial opportunity- first time since paris agreement with mandate to increase nations

     commitments - we can lost any ,more time - ciop26 must involve reality of commitments

    possible risk of 1 billion climate migrants

    we've waited toolong but if we get thru across political tipping point can avoid catastrophic - ref last weeks biden summit as surge of interst- so whats the catalysr - gore nature has plyed role- news eaxh night she tells her story; wildfires hurricanes usa- elsewhere  sea rising, climate refugees rising-at same time driver sustaining reducatuion in cost in solar, winnd dozen more enery innovations cinnected wuth machie learing digital revolution - can this be biggest investmnt opp i all of hostort- arrival of biden whole of gov approach is hopeful- also investmnetn world 37 trillion dollars now under net zero investment alliance

    gore - very impressed by start biden has made...   how can he connect china us india?   kerry had great visit to shanghai last week.. went into detail cli,ate trace coalition complete inventiry of every greenhouse emitter; xi has said will re-examine; aim to sharply reduce from 26 to 32

    what does consumer need to do ? eat less meat, travel less? gore we can create fairer future - shift generation of electricity - 90% new installations of generation are green; getting cheap enpugh to phase out existing coal ; vehicles going green; see green hydrogen evoln=ve; more regerative agriculture; more sustainable fishery , forestry, circulsr econmy- see oxford review of economic policy just out

    how has epidemic impacted things? in us wind turban technician fastest growing job in usa; united moneworkers endorsed biden plan; 

    how worried are you about greenwaskhing - although esg becomes mainstream securities exchange us just annouced new crackdown- hope dfferent now due to public demang particularly with younger geneartions actions--

    harrison bloombergnef - corporate sustainability climate100+ - 600 asset managers decarbonise  167 heaviest catrbon companies towards netzero - these 167 companies could end 20% of emissuions- distinguish good versus bad net zero goal

    you announced unilever netzero targer for 2039 -two other science trgets by 2030 no emissuos of our own and of our product footprint - halving footprint each of 2 decades

    climate crisis wint wait and knows no boundaries

    unilever supply chain huge part of footprint -ops upstream or downstream --consuer fotprint, suplers footprint

    unilever 53 page dicument climate action plan just launched - most tramsparebtthing ever presented to ur sharehilers-

    tell us what ceres does mindy? our job as advocacy irg is to push business hard to meet science goals- we demand companies clarify short-term goals as journey to long term commitment - how does company make goal independent of ceo in charge- how does it brinbg in the suppply chain-- offsetws no longer good enough - companies must reduce footprints

    climate action 100+ -formed 2 years ago - cinndy says corps driven by shareholders customers employees... 100 plus brings largest asset owners together public pension fnds ed ca ny both 350mn $ blackrick 7 trillion $- cliate is risk to your portfolios the 100 plus grew to 160 - negotiation between the funds and the 160 companies total 55 yn dollar under asset ,anagememt - this year we benchmarker these effors bring trabparent maps

    9:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT   (5 Hours) Bloomberg Green Summit Day 1


    Starts 2 min before the session time

    9:00 AM - Bloomberg Green Summit Open

    • Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg LP & Bloomberg Philanthropies, UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions; Chair, Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

    9:05 AM - Zurich Sponsor Spotlight: A Promise to Our Planet

    • Mario Greco, Group Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Insurance Company
    • Sebastião Salgado, Photographer & Founder, Instituto Terra -born in brazil photographer witnessing best/worst humanity- sickened by rwanda/balkans we returned home to rainforest but it was being destroyed founded institut terra 1998 planted 2 million trees

    9:10 AM - Leaders with Lacqua Goes Green

    Bloomberg award winning editor at large Francine Lacqua launches her newest television series ‘Leaders with Lacqua Goes Green,’ a monthly series featuring the most respected climate leaders working towards global change.

    • The Honorable Al Gore, Co-Founder & Chairman, Generational Investment Management   
    • Francine Lacqua, Anchor, Bloomberg Television 

    9:35 AM - The Road to Net Zero

    In this session, leading executives will share the key challenges and opportunities that arise when transitioning to a low carbon economy. We’ll examine the major industries taking action, how we finance the transition, and how we can collectively work together to achieve net zero.

    • Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Unilever
    • Mindy Lubber, CEO, Ceres
    • Moderator: Kyle Harrison, Senior Associate, Corporate Sustainability, BloombergNEF

    10:00 AM - Creating a Mission Driven Brand

    The Co-founders of Pour Les Femmes share the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable company.

    • Robin Wright, Actor, Director, Co-Founder, Pour Les Femmes 
    • Karen Fowler, Designer, Co-Founder, Pour Les Femmes
    • Moderator: Mallika Kapur, Deputy Global Editor, Bloomberg LIVE

    10:20 AM - Green as Good Business

    We’ll speak to Dow Chairman & CEO Jim Fitterling about how and why they are making the business case for climate action.

    • Jim Fitterling, Chairman & CEO, Dow
    • Moderator: Caroline Hyde, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

    10:40 AM - The Investor’s Case for Climate Action

    • Laurence D. Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock, Inc.
    • Moderator: Erik Schatzker, Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television 

    11:00 AM - Building a Resilient Green Energy Mix

    In the wake of the Texas energy crisis, this session will examine how to ensure a clean, renewable and resilient energy grid. 

    • Scott Jacobs, CEO & Co-Founder, Generate
    • Dr. Melissa C. Lott, Director of Research, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University
    • Danielle Merfeld, VP & Chief Technology Officer, GE Renewable Energy
    • Moderator: Ethan Zindler, Head of Americas, BloombergNEF

    11:30 AM - Driving our Climate Future 

    We’ll discuss the newest technologies and innovations in mobility with Zoox CEO Aicha Evans.

    • Aicha Evans, CEO, Zoox 
    • Moderator: Ed Ludlow, Reporter, Bloomberg Television

    12:00 PM - Ralph Lauren Sponsor Spotlight: Scaling Water Stewardship Through Partnership and Innovation

    Water is one of our planet’s most precious natural resources and business has a critical role and responsibility to play in its preservation. In a conversation with WWF’s Sheila Bonini, Ralph Lauren CEO Patrice Louvet discusses the iconic fashion house’s approach to water stewardship through collaboration and innovation as well as developing new scalable solutions that reimagine traditional processes to reduce their environmental impacts and set new standards for the fashion and textile industry.

    • Patrice Louvet, President & CEO, Ralph Lauren
    • Moderator: Sheila Bonini, SVP, Private Sector Engagement, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

    12:05 PM - Scaling Clean Technology

    Jigar Shah will share how the Department of Energy’s loan programs office plans to deploy over $40 billion to develop clean energy technologies at speed and scale. 

    • Jigar Shah, Executive Director, Loan Programs Office, Department of Energy
    • Moderator: Brian Eckhouse, Energy Reporter, Bloomberg

    12:30 PM - Investing in Change 

    • Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO & President, Ariel Investments
    • John T. Oxtoby, SVP & Director of ESG Investing, Ariel Investments
    • Moderator: Sonali Basak, Financial Correspondent, Bloomberg  

    12:55 PM - From Disposable to Reusable 

    • Tom Szaky, CEO, TerraCycle 

    1:10 PM - The New Climate War

    • Dr. Michael E. Mann, Author, The New Climate War
    • Moderator: Aaron Rutkoff, Executive Editor, Bloomberg Green

    1:30 PM - An Explorer’s Guide to Restoring our Earth 

    Chairman of the National Geographic Society Jean Case and top National Geographic explorers discuss how we can save the planet one expedition at a time.

    • Jean Case, Chairman, National Geographic Society; CEO, Case Impact Network
    • Dan Raven-Ellison, National Geographic Explorer 
    • Jenna Jambeck, National Geographic Explorer
    • Moderator: Leslie Kaufman, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

    2:00 PM - Day 1 Mainstage Programming Concludes

    Click here for real-time transcription of this session. Please excuse any typos. The final transcription will be available in this page after the event concludes.

    2:10 PM

    Starts 2 min before the session time

    This exclusive session is available to premium event ticket holders. To see premium pass options, click here.

    Join us for this debrief post-event with Bloomberg Green reporters and editors, led by Executive Editor Aaron Rutkoff. They’ll be taking your questions live and provide an inside look into the latest stories from the Bloomberg Green Magazine. 

    • Rachel Adams-Heard, Energy Reporter, Bloomberg
    • Aaron Clark, Energy Editor, Bloomberg
    • Naureen Malik, Energy Reporter, Bloomberg
    • Moderator: Aaron Rutkoff, Executive Editor, Bloomberg Green

    2:40 PM - Event Concludes

    Click here for real-time transcription of this session. Please excuse any typos. The final transcription will be available in this page after the event concludes.

    Tue Apr 27
    9:00 AM

    Starts 2 min before the session time

    9:00 AM - In conversation with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    • The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
    • Moderator: Francine Lacqua, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

    9:25 AM - Investing in the Climate Future

    The former Governor of the Bank of England and current Brookfield Vice Chair and Head of ESG and Impact Fund Investing Mark Carney discusses his climate finance priorities for the year ahead as we prepare for COP26.

    • Mark Carney, Vice Chair and Head of Impact Investing, Brookfield Asset Management
    • Moderator: John Micklethwait, Editor-In-Chief, Bloomberg

    9:55 AM - GM Sponsor Spotlight: Everyone In: A New Age of Universal Climate Activism

    • Benji Backer, Founder & President, American Conservation Coalition
    • Danielle Deane, Senior Advisor, Donors of Color Network 
    • Jerome Foster, Youngest Member White Environmental Justice Advisory Council; Executive Director, OneMillionOfUS
    • Lila Al-Shwaf, Sustainability Lead, GM Cost Knowledge Management

    10:00 AM - Green Real Estate

    • Anthony E. Malkin, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Empire State Realty Trust
    • Kathleen McCarthy, Global Co-Head of Real Estate, Blackstone
    • Moderator: Lisa Abramowicz, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

    10:25 AM - Catalyzing the Green Recovery 

    While government action will be essential to green recovery efforts, corporate action and private investment will be crucial in addressing the urgent need to close the financing gap. Top CEO's from the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI) will discuss how investors, governments, and multilateral institutions can collaborate to create investment-friendly business environments for private climate finance in key low-carbon sectors across emerging markets and ultimately unlocking capital to ambitiously and urgently close the financing gap.

    • Francesco Starace, CEO & General Manager, Enel Group 
    • Moderator: Francine Lacqua, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

    10:45 AM - The European Green Deal

    • Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President, European Commission
    • Moderator: Jess Shankleman, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

    11:05 AM - Building Resilient Cities 

    What role do cities play in catalyzing the green recovery? We'll convene public and private sector city leaders for a conversation on how they are leveraging the economic recovery to create adaptive and resilient cities.

    • Célia Blauel, Deputy Mayor, Paris, France 
    • Mayor Kate Gallego, Mayor, Phoenix, Arizona
    • Mayor Vi Lyles, Mayor, Charlotte, North Carolina
    • Moderator: Adam Freed, Principal, Bloomberg Associates

    11:30 AM - The Road to COP26

    In a special live taping of their podcast A Matter of Degrees, Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson examine the state of play going into the UN climate talks this year. What are the goals and the top issues that need to be addressed? Are there any particular conflicts that need to be resolved? And what challenges does the Biden Administration face in the post-Trump era?  

    • Dr. Leah Stokes, Co-Host, A Matter of Degrees
    • Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, Co-Host, A Matter of Degrees
    • Mary Robinson, Former President, Ireland

    12:00 PM - Green New Voices

    Leading policy, business and finance experts from the Bloomberg New Green Voices program will discuss their top climate priorities for the year. 

    • Tracy B. McKibben, Founder & CEO, MAC Energy Advisors LLC 
    • Melanie Nakagawa, Special Assistant to the President; Senior Director for Climate and Energy, National Security Council
    • Moderator: John Fraher, Senior Executive Editor, Bloomberg 

    12:25 PM - In Conversation with Bob Litterman

    • Bob Litterman, Chairman of the Risk Committee, Kepos Capital
    • Moderator: Eric Roston, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

    12:45 PM - The Global Commitment for People and Planet

    How can developed and developing countries work together to address climate change? Created in partnership with Global Citizen, this session  will focus on international climate financing, looking at the investments and action required by wealthy countries to ensure that all developing countries are equipped to realize sufficient mitigation and adaptation outcomes for their people.

    • Mwandwe Chileshe, Senior Manager, Food Security, Nutrition and Agriculture, Global Citizen
    • Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Italy
    • Monika Froehler, CEO, Ban Ki-moon Centre
    • Andrea Meza Murillo, Minister of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica
    • Moderator: Sasha Qadri, Senior Programming Director, Bloomberg Live

    1:15 PM - Amplifying Young Voices 

    • Ty Juene, 8th Grader
    • Elizabeth Miller, Educator 
    • Eloise Sent, 8th Grader    
    • Jill Tidman, Executive Director, The Redford Center
    • Moderator: Jennifer Zabasajja, Reporter, Bloomberg Quicktake

    1:40 PM -  Building a Green, Clean Beauty Brand 

    Miranda Kerr discusses creating and growing her clean beauty brand KORA Organics.

    • Miranda Kerr, Founder and CEO, KORA Organics
    • Moderator: Meg Szabo, Senior Programming Director, Bloomberg Live 

    2:00 PM - Day 2 Main Stage Programming Concludes

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    2:10 PM

    Starts 2 min before the session time

    This exclusive session is available to premium event ticket holders. To see premium pass options, click here.

    Join us for this special session, providing an inside look at one of the biggest stories from the latest Bloomberg Green Magazine.

    • Jagdeep Singh, Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman, QuantumScape
    • Moderator: Akshat Rathi, Reporter, Bloomberg Green

    2:40 PM - Event Concludes

    Click here for real-time transcription of this session. Please excuse any typos. The final transcription will be available in this page after the event concludes.