Friday, January 28, 2022


 the v20 are actually over 40 countries - poorest and most vulnerable to climate chnang - who organsise collectively in sharing/demanding sololutions  https://www.v-20.org/members

they are administered by netherland's gca.org (apparently moved from founcing in vienna by na ki-moon https://bankimooncentre.org/advocacy/climate-action

with a front office in geneva

Monday, January 17, 2022


Tomorrow’s announcement of wind power harvesting rights auction winners off the coast of Scotland will double that nation’s built & planned wind capacity, adding a pathway to renewable power for 7m more families. The BBC reports:
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Svein Tveitdal
Will ScotWind auction deliver a renewables revolution? The auction is the first in a decade that plots of seabed in Scottish waters have been up for grabs. So when the bidders are announced on Monday could it power a long-awaited renewables revolution?