Friday, December 28, 2018

open new year letter to philippe cousteau

hello any chance of meeting?

common areas of interest could include - reconnecting your work and mutual friend paul  rose- how can we get your work included in International Child Art Foundation - harnessing children's imaginations for positive social change summer 2019 on the mall for a week -only happens once every 4 years- connecting arctic circle youth - working out whats the main cooperation space between you and eg jack ma

also back in uk paul rose needs to reconnect prince charles work at http://www.ashden.org and all the bbc nature correspondents work including david attenboro and michael palin since this is one of the few areas in a post brexit world where english leaders networks can make an impact in 2019

i dont understand why all of the above dont form a curriculum for massive open use by young people - who else is going to help green the planet - i go over to beijing every 2 months with news of teams ready to help translate missing curricula

cheers chris macrae bethesda 240 316 8157

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