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Sunday, December 23, 2018

China Sustainable Development Evaluation Report (2018)
DescriptionTable of Content
Publisher : Social Sciences Academic Press (China)
Published Date : 11/2018
Frequency : Annually
Language : Chinese
ISBN/ISSN : 978-7-5201-3745-4
Pages : 353
Weight : 1.60kg
Availability : Usually ship within 48 hours
Book Type : Report
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This book has pioneered the construction of a new set of evaluation indicators for measuring China's sustainable development. This system includes five dimensions: economic development, social livelihood, resource environment, consumption emission and governance protection. According to this theoretical framework, The book has carried out comprehensive and systematic data validation analysis and ranking of the sustainable development of China's countries, provinces and 100 large and medium-sized cities in the past few years. The book also proposes a series of policy recommendations for China to promote ecological civilization construction and achieve sustainable governance, and to promote the implementation of the United Nations "new development agenda" in how to carry out closer international cooperation and other major issues.
China Sustainable Development Evaluation Report (2018)

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