Thursday, December 6, 2018

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December 4, 2018
Please watch us for a public Chevron Forum focused on how the international development community, governments, and the private sector can work together to help developing countries provide affordable and clean energy (Sustainable Development Goal#7).

Today's climate and energy briefing at wilson center made it pretty clear that humans are not going to save climate unless countries collaborate at continent-wide levels

 wind is already far cheaper than carbon as an energy source but cannot be economically distributed in traditional grids

solar will sonn be chepaer too- it has the same problem as wind in distribution; it can howver be used for stand alone electricity needs

there are also battery storage problems to consider

additionally carbon has many by products -again mainly non recyclable from plastic to various sorts of chemicals most of which have a toxic afterlife

energy, waste, water, buildings, transport -all of these things are inter-related

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