Monday, May 10, 2021

italy hosted amazing t20 on climate today

 i dont always agree with jeffrey sachs but i want to go back to kissingers ping pong diplomacy dec 2016- where he flew to preside4nyt xi and then trump to beg both leaders not to start cold war on grren and other youth=-species critical agenda

Dec 14, 2016 — Kissinger, C100 member and Director of the Brookings Institute John L. Thornton China Center Dr. Cheng Li; former U.S. Trade Representative ...

the world lost far more than 4 years under trump- after all covid is a lesson of how old people in the west with their need to know silos are ruining everything that nature opens up from the bottom; by and large on lives matter goals that communities need intel to action the two thirds who are asian are trying to save the world the rich old west isnt yet contactable

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as a diaspora scot i wish everyone who came top cop26 would check their national baggage in the cloakroom and get back to announcing massive collaborations youth can linkin- universities who dont have4 any youth collaboration action netwrorks for sdgs should close for longer than covid is around - dont you  think

T20 Forum on Climate Change

10 May 2021

13:30 CEST

Climate change is increasingly perceived as the defining challenge of our time as it endangers both life and livelihood in our planet. The Covid-induced crisis is making this challenge all the more crucial as it urges us to strike the right balance between global recovery and environmental targets. From governments to private companies and international organisations, finding viable options and strategies to build a green future is key.

What is the potential impact of climate change on our economic and social systems? How can we reconcile climate protection and economic growth? How can we make our food systems more resilient to climate change? And what can we expect from multilateral efforts and in particular from the Italian G20 in 2021?

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