Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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 Welcome to the stories of Green Footprint on The Blue Planet!

Brief outline of the Agenda: 
    - presentation of key-participants - brief intro of each depending on how many that will join us.  ( 10 min)
Green Footprints -  15 min
We present perspectives of restoring mangrove ecosystems in Myanmar and India and perspectives on the ocean as one, presented by Dr. Bremley Lyngdoh, Founder & CEO of Worldview Impact Foundation who is a Climate Change and Sustainable Development professional.  https://www.iofc.ch/dr-bremley-lyngdoh  

Q&A  - Breakout Groups  - 15 min

The Blue Planet &  Immersive Media  ( 15 min )
What is Immersive Media - how do we make global, interactive stories
- SoulSpark City   - virtual gamification and accelerated learning:   - CREATIVITY  and the RETHINK
Inger M. Stenseth  in parternship with  - extended team of Great Work Alliance 

Q&A  - Breakout Groups  - 15 min

CREATIVE BREAKOUT ROOMS  - What can we do together!
Founding and Partnerships

Next Steps!

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