Friday, January 22, 2021

surprising green headlines?

?1 time to bring green to construction- 40% of emissions- where do ordinary people fire up imagination for green construction - my nomination an infrastructure investment summit hosted by korea in 2017 - i couldn't get to luxembourg, or mumbai versions in 2018,9; hope to connect uae version oct 2021 with glasgow cop26- suggestions welcome  

?2 if there is climate justice it seems that elon musk became the world's richest man as a south african hated for most of his time by wall street but treated as a rockstar in hong kong where he is attributed to starting the nations startup culture after the 2015 launch of sdgs and china -

but today he takes a giant leap beyond borders with 100 million dollar launch of a beyond carbon competition - in biden week 1 full of poetry and hopeful talk here we have an entrepreneurial  walk

EA writes -lets hope biden first 100 days start with contextualising biggest climate challenge to each g7 leader-ending trudeau's keystone nightmare is a great start for america the green and pleasant land

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