Sunday, January 31, 2021

collaboration cafe cities

 began as way to link eu collab cities 2003 - rome barcelona paris

 -continued to new york launches of bangladesh collab cafes 2007-



Rachel McCullough-Sanden, Spencer Chiimbwe, and Christopher Macrae are organizers of the Collaboration Cafe in New York ...
bronx; brooklyn - associated with 3 main design patterns

friends of openspaceworld design rules -and goodhubsguide bronx tv 2009 - why not every student union - jobs club collab cafe

 friends  of bbc climate collaboration cafes
bbc oceans broadcster paul rose muhammad yunus ashden awards royal geogra

phical society solar grameen bangladesh.

friends of yunus center youth entrepreneur competitions across 12 usa colleges

arts competition mentors
Sing for Hope transforms lives by bringing the power of the arts to those who need it most.

space entrepreneurg competitions

Astronaut Ron Garan poses massive collaboration challenge ( more http://spaceappschallenge.org/challenges/ ) at Yunus Cen


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