Thursday, July 6, 2023

climate trace and other news from 178th summit on cooperation worldwide

 today ity hosted a summit marking its 178 yera uniting world's (tele)communication oerators and since 1945 joined by its UN twin computational tools - since 2017 this lead summit has been branded aiforgood thanks to guterres signature leadership digital roadmapping un2 

climate trace mentioned as an al gore supported intel centre -uses google maps to id every cola-powered generationg plant and estimating its emission

deepminds female coo discusses why she left intel 2010 to join deepmind - how her father as immigrant orphan from lebanon inspired her with engineering blueprints (he was into early hearth plant valves); why ai for good is also engineering for every child- the reality is if education cannot invite the engineering soul into most children then we humans will be designing extinction - remember too artificial in the english language refers to man-made as distinguished from nature made

sophia discussed why ai for good music offeres far more oportunities than old music world without ai; see for example how to learn what imagination is being prompted by what musical stimuli

special thanks to associate reporters at EconomistLearning.com & EconomistDiary.com

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