Thursday, September 17, 2020

to bloomberg-green from economistgreen.com road from unga75 to cop26


quote from day 4/5 bloomlerg green festival at un 75- a 
piece of nickel likely travels twice around the world before its manufactured- one example of global logistics chains driven by price transactions not sustainability

amazon's main vehicle partner ford - worth listing all its long term partners as it ams to take its total supply chain below zero - cf similar race chains apple, microsoft

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xxcovid may have ended vallley monopoly of talent netwoirking - now everyone is on zoom- sample some chat from above

Trent Mell - JB: Today, hydromet processing is the best way to recycle batteries. Are your plans to apply this technology to the battery ecosystem or  do you have other plans or innovations in store?  Trent Mell, First Cobalt (Toronto)
Affaque Ahmed - EV is the future. But, adopting it to mass scale is a big challenge for every country. 
Richard Brooks - I'm wondering why Amazon is granting out $2 billion in climate solutions funding but also courting oil and gas companies to do more business with them, helping them to exploit more carbon reserves, accelerating climate change? That seems somewhat hypocritical and neutralizes the impact of that $ 2 billion. No?
Richard Brooks - https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/20/aws-salesman-pitch-to-oil-and-gas-we-actually-consume-your-products.html

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