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green buildings zheng yue

Dear Daniel  Zhang BROAD,   cc friends

I love your fathers' unique gifts to Sustainability #LearningGeneration through greenest buildings in the world
eg  as UNEP Laureate 2011

Zhang Yue

Chairman and Founder, BROAD Group/China
Entrepreneurial Vision
"Responsibility is more important than growth", runs one of the company mottos of China’s BROAD Group.

I dont know if our friends of Entrepreneurial Revolution (year 40 started by father The Economist 25 December 1976, year 39 why sustainability of net-generation will need to openly celebrate China's extraordinary peoples )  -that chinese youth researchers, fathers friends  and I can help

We seek to triangularise 3 social movements' interactions
- youth's half of the world aged under 30,
- teachers 
- and place or business (global market purpose) leaders.
 IN search of YPP : YouthPrivatePublic partnerships by linking in 3 future pathways to exponentiallly value livelihoods supporting human sustainability

C) World Record Games/Book of Job Creation - my fathers life work at The Economist was about celebrating places who could suddenly free their people's livelihoods but in win-win ways needed to end poverty through every community (in-network global villages)

B) QuarterBillionGirls www.amychina.net  sharing the happiest empowerment stories and actions of china's female under 30s with other nations under 30s and their transparent intergenerational investors amyicaf 

A) The 21st C as learning economy "growing people" needs  metrics and open technologies - above all at the moment blockchain which Jack Ma trains China's Entrepreneur Club and where he can G20 and EC30 (Education Commission) leaders to value - that is opposite to extracting things and over consumption

What our collaboration networks share can be compared to a package tour guide (in paper and virtual formats) but on each page is a world record job creator- we are focusing on China's top 20 most trusted entrepreneurial leaders at the moment - hence wish to develop page round your father; we seek to debate these stories wherever communities and educators are empowered to text positive local solutions

If what amy or my friends are trying to do is of interest we would happily meet you or someone you nominate pretty well anywhere anyplace

I dont have much practical green expertise but my family led 10 youth exchnages over to interview Muhammad Yunus between 2007 and 2011- his model of solar for a billion villagers fired up youth most - so we have ended up indexing who wanted to support him most from prince charles network Ashden Awards, sustainable and renewable energy in the UK and developing world to BBC nature and culture correspondents to  the Club of Rome that shares its offices with the nobel peace laureates summit, to the ted turner family all of whose youth empowerment and media networks Kathy knows, to green training curricula in south africa as components of the free university of Blecer Branson and Maharishi   myworldfirstblecheratyazmibysamara

sincerely chris macrae
240 316 8157  washington dc region

Conclusion from Macrae China Survey 1977:
The Chinese have in their concept of a “production team” of about 100 people - not only on the communes but on the oilfields and elsewhere – a (still too large) framework for the sorts of smallish “intrapreneurial” profit centre within a big enterprise to which I think the whole industrial world will move.
The successful expatriate Chinese entrepreneurs work mainly with small profit centres like these. The mainland Chinese will follow them, and are members of the same marvelously commercial race.
Some day, therefore, in that huge country of .literate and businesslike people fed by high investment there will be a take-off: into 1950-73-style Japanese or HongKong styles of growth. A 10% annual economic growth doubles real gnp in seven years, quadruples in 14 years, multiplies it by 16 in 28 years. A multiplication by 16 could bring China in early 21st C to the most GNP per head. It is worth pondering two figures
1 If by then over 1 billion Chinese used as much energy per head as today’s 110 million Japanese they would consume over 50 million barrels of oil a day, which is around twice OPEC’s present production. This is one reason why the Chinese are not hurrying to extract and export the subterranean inland seas of oil on which much of China is probably floating
2) If China attained Japan ’s income per head, China ’s annual gnp would be around 5 trillion dollars. Suppose, as its a continent,   China only exports 4% of its GNP that  would be 200 billion dollars which is nearly 3 times Japan’s exports today. These figures will not be attained in the first 28 years. They are not a picture of 2005. But something like them  - with new sorts of energy, new patterns of world exports and production – are likely to be attained during the lifetime of most people today under 30.
It was a privilege to tiptoe across China with my more doubting colleague this autumn (1977) – amid the early stirrings, the first tosses and turns and some sniffles and snorts , as the great grumpy sleeping giant starts to awake. Norman Macrae 


From: Rajiv Joshi <rj@bteam.org>
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Hi Chris,

Moving Kathy to bcc and adding our Communications Director, David Stearns, and  adding Daniel Zhang, son of Zhang Yue, who is also a great young leader!

Lovely to meet you and thanks Kathy,

Warm regards


Rajiv Joshi  •  Managing Director

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The B Team

On Oct 22, 2016, at 9:19 AM, Kathy Calvin <kcalvin@unfoundation.org> wrote:

Dear Chris, I am copying my colleague from the B Team who would be a better connection, if possible, to Zwang Yue.

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On Oct 22, 2016, at 9:13 AM, christopher macrae <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
I notice that Zhang Yue is one of your fellow Bteam leaders. Norman Macrae Foundation  young chinese journalist associates in our Changsha bureau would like to interview someone in his team to understand how youth can spread learning around his wonderful work.

Is there a contact point you can advice us to start with? The work of these Chinese graduate women is amazing in identifying inspiring Chinese Entrepreneurs- I only wish youth in other countries had as many examples of my fathers's 40 year search fro Entrepreneurial Revolution stared in The Economist 25 December 1976


chris macrae 
Norman Macrae Foundation bethesda 240 316 8157

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