Friday, October 22, 2021

  • Ian Bremmer, President and Founder, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media
  • Tak Niinami, CEO, Suntory Holdings
  • xa1 Rob Kaplan, CEO, Circulate Capital  -capital 150 mn from eg danone, family offices - work on how circular economy different from linear waste economy- massively under ivested - unique op sme plastic recycle - eg india's first company in bottle to bottle recycling
  • Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative  now 2.5 trillion dolar market - 10 yeras ago 10 mn
  • Colleen King, Associate Director, Climate and Sustainability, Eurasia Group
  • xa2 Aloke Lohia, CEO, Indorama Ventures  young peopels destiny - refuse single use plastic - yes collection is next problem
  • Tadashi Maeda, Governor, Japan Bank for International Cooperation
  • xa0 Hannah Testa, Activist 3r's reuse recycle 
  • Shari Friedman, Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability, Eurasia Group (moderator)
Anchoring the Summit is a new research report prepared by Eurasia Group, “Unlocking Sustainable Plastics in Asia,” which advocates for a much more dynamic role for both the public and private sector in Asia to counter the proliferation of single-use plastic containers, which have had an outsized impact on the environment.

 written book age 18 -over 95% plastic made with carbon

aged 10 saw fl plastic paradise👍👍  top right hannah;; bottom left indorama venturesd

middle sean kidney (6th extinction - ersonal ex[ereice skuba come out actrcre of plastic - family wont do that again) right jica bank -next big thing bi--feed stcks ; of course carefil usage - biodgeradbale/recyclable plastics

javac 100% gov owned institution -chnaged emphasis so our dev bank invests in biodoversity, gei-noic issue (quad strategy project island nations souther pacific) main sufferers of covid and plastuce - solutions we can contribute and catalyse privte funds in tehse directoions - invetsmnt guarantees ; connect partners with startups roudn appropraite tech (mobilising private capital)

japan has tech that can help however many corprates are risk adverse in using thesde tech; so mediate risk; capacity outreach host countries; so if vetnam /indoensia depent on coal - (divestment isnt only solution - need to show the alternatives0 in 2019 met vietnamese pm on stsratgic coooeration in this area

q to sean -how do you see early ops ppp - scale and speed of chnage is vital -- very big agenda - make ot easy to know what to do;;; some tiems a little nit of good blocks what needs to happen; help define green taxoies that chian and eu agree on; once we have thsoe taxonomise how fo we transfer invetsments

jica jvic doen this for many yeras ( but need foci - eg foci of replac cola by what green fuels)

200 yeras of region needing to be aware of next chnage

jica be more specific derisking capital

eg japan startup battery tech with entry to eu

creating specific green funds round entrepreneurs - monetise green tech; engage with host countries ppp - goal 17 (public needs ti be much ore than jvic  - versus context with fiscal deficit widened by covid - partnership emans we are in same baot for next decade - our role is to stafu=y that vison

ian -tadashi mo old friemd; acrivist; cor[orate finace - conecting the pieces - lot fo recognition taht we are not doing enough - but mometum can spring - met wjen he was jica in dc  nb tadashi - (core to ssuatainbility)

ian with guterred - excited about how fast japan was turning from laggards to eladers of chnage coal

whole planet of beyond plastic

time not just to inspire but chnage -we are nit fo=going away (do they want toe xclude their corporates from being the solution)

many manys sectrs to unwind at smae tiem through action through collaboration

asia leadership - asia centre if prblem ust beceome centre of teh solution - people population corelation with environment espe local level - sustainavbility leadership council with bremner /eurasia- invite otehrs to join indormam jpeg

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action leaders council up and up - indorama council members--- gzeromedia.com/sustainability

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