Tuesday, January 24, 2023

interesting this month

 you can help us - we aim to be curious but do not claim, to be experts on green -if you see a news link and know of something more exciting to cooperate around on the specific  issue raised - please tell me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

15 years of bringing student debates on cooperation/collaboration to usa

,br>we met astronaut Ron Garan 2010-one of muhammad yunus most active supporters chalenging oner 100 YS universities to share stunets with scaleable social business solutions


Bill Gates updates how much usa transmission grid needs updating : takeouts most of america's grid overdue for 50 year update- will opportunities be taken to go green instead of to renew locations chosen to transmit  carbon sourced electricity? (jan 24 Gates Foundation ceo zoomed his annual optimist briefing today - 2 issues we cant get answers to - given melinda gates helped co-create UN2 (tech envoy franework) begun 2016 why does Gates Foundation make so little reference to this cooperation space; if this year gares adds 9 billion to philanthropy -would gates have had a different impact if it had been a bank for sustainability not a charity for sustainability- how does gates compete with 3g 300 trillion dollars of western pension funds that havent yet recognised sdg networks investments as asset grade 


enbridge is a canadian energy company operating in n america- is this as green as major comany can ESG in ots chosen fields


march 21-25 un hq hosts first sanitation and water summit mapping connections of goal 6  with all unhabitat influenced sdgs - is this a big opportunity to leap forward

i have only just noticed club of rome has moved hq to switzerland- whats the difference of impact of networking out of switzerland instead of rome ( I visited rome twice in 2015 - which of its institutions in addition to the pope so the launch of the sdgs an opportunity to change what? we started a diary continent by continent - sadly America from election of trump went the fastest backwards of any free nation... I havent yet founded a major university which addresses this conflict with 100% cooperative graduate networking across millennials though I would say that Arizona State University  is in the lead and the big question in the 2020s is : will web3 be the tipping point such that physical capmuses that dont cooperate with celebrating millennaisl as first sustainability generation start to go extinct faster than us humans; of course another way of putting this question is will AI help millenials leap to sustainability - see also EconomistDiary.com