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    Friday, October 29, 2021

     hi all - shoty question and optionalonger one   - SHORT QUESTION if you have 1 or 2 favorite bookmarks to climate -ideally offering short over all summary but deep links to their lobics please share over next 2 weeks - example i like largely speaking if i want to globally check a crisis' numbers gzsero is one of places I prefer to start- this does not mean they have every local way forward nor do they necessaily have the most influencer on western investment funds who still have put one dollar of 300 trillion pension money dillars onto and sdg lead network let alone climate - LONGER QUUESTION yes i do mean trillion; and yes 3 days ago one of the british upper classes conformed that the mass of western pension money is still bunkered off; of course in the west most of this money is in turn assigned to government workers - a double catch 22 - few people in western government have really leaked how bad climate maths really is; if  wre to choose a second bookmark it would be to one of the world leadership hosts that has since covid published most of tehir summits on youtube - bloomberg and schwab (world economic forum) are two of the leaders in this - unfortunatley there is so much stuff that really need teams of stdents to go through it and turn it into 5 minute online mofule- its a pity brac university is not freeing ist students to do this - it has been confirmed to me that while a few specific legacy projects of fazle abed are doing well ultra poor and early childhood schools- most is losing its way - evn the future of bangaldesh's garment sector seems to be permanetly stalled in terms of being designed to continue to fund women end poverty

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