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william thanks the mail below on energy summit this summer at palo alto looks really interesting - do you now the organisers?

here are some diary wishes for friends of 2016 on energy curricula students need to have open learning access to 

green youth conscious capitalism
king how does the tv channel emerald planet where amy interned thanks to your and mackeys networking work in choosing where to focus/progress-if we are going to live up to harrison owens invitation to connect sustainability as youths most exciting decade then surely we need to collaborate until we have a goal 7 curriculum of clean energy that every teacher and student can use as a benchmark - in other words why dont we form a mooc-style on-demand editorial board and approach khan academy or if khan wont take that why not approach andrew ng- why are moocs only edited by collegiate silos of professors not by collaboration practice mentors of youths most exciting decade

we could live up to green astrnaut movements too with friend ron garan

sadly the greatest green conscious capitalist ray andersen is now dead- he was the ceo that proved that if a ceo committed to a 20 year (ie half generation) plan he could turn even leadership of a sector like industrial carpets into a highly profitable carbon neutral network  -see Interface Sustainability

naila we know both sarah sainsbury with prince charles founder of the Ashden Awards, sustainable and renewable energy in the UK and developing world  awards and laura turner daughter of cnn's ted turner whose  foundation is captain planet alongside ted's billion dollar un foundation - how do we get her on the editorial board

mostofa you know the british council network on youth planet champions and michael palin and paul rose - and their connections with bbc and the royal geographic society - how do we get them involved- yuxuan i dont know if there is anyone at tsingua beijing or wise qatar who might want to join such an editorial board if we could all confirm the process of assembling it-  it would also help to understand beijing mindset -are there any leaders of lets invest in green africa - ie africa (or ven just ethiopia -amy-alumnis main africa lab for satellite learning) as a test lab that china could help lead the world of youth's most exciting decade around- mostofa and yuxuan do you know william - for 25 years he has been connecting chinese and silicon valley young people- with hiro he was the most exciting person amy and I spent days with during the week of 20th anniversary celebrations  of creative children in front fo the white house last summer - ironically the ellipse is under 2 foot of snow as I write

john i am not sure that energy comes up in the 5 days of workshops at MIT but maybe we can keep asking who at mit as most collaborative and open and might fit this idea- also i wonder if there is another side to mackey's nutritional food interests- is it really the case that local clean organic food is intrinsically more expensive or is it we have simply scaled the wrong way of growing food for half a century

peter you were telling amy she might use her biotech degree to study mackeys nutrition indices- maybe per nutrition index green food is already less cost

michael cash - do any of dianne's or other UN networks we have ever met strike us as really leading youth to solving green challenges in time -rolle erastmus I imagine your kenya week is already full but please keep asking whose connection this through the unique triad that kenya links in IHUB, late rate wangaari maathai greenbelt networks, and unhabitat

bernardo can you simply announce at brooklyn that by the time quito arrives in october we expect curriculum of goal 7 energy and 11 sustainable communities to be up there ready for ever more sustainable cases to linkin - otherwise youth should unite around social media and declare un gals 7. 11 to be spinning the wrong way =put un on notice -youth should boycott it fr ever  unless year 2 has bends the curve towards green curricula being free to access

chris macrae

From: William Lee
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Subject: Fwd: [UCGEC有奖征文] [Call for Papers]: 2016 US-China Green Energy Summit on Developing Energy Internets to Combat Climate Change

Billy Lee

From: UCGEC <ucgec@ucgef.org>
Date: Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 4:05 PM
Subject: [UCGEC有奖征文] [Call for Papers]: 2016 US-China Green Energy Summit on Developing Energy Internets to Combat Climate Change
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Call for Papers: 2016 US-China Green Energy Summit on Developing Energy Internets to Combat Climate Change

The 2016 US-China Green Energy Summit on Developing Energy Internets to Combat Climate Change (UCGES2016), will be held in Palo Alto, California, on July 14-15, 2016.
The theme of the Summit is: “Developing Energy Internets to Combat Climate Change.” The Energy Transition worldwide will be the focus of several hot topics at this premier conference, joining leaders from three major industries in US and China, to promote green energy to meet the global electricity demand while reducing pollution. We will bring together government officials from China and the US with industry leaders in Electric Power, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Internet Infrastructure sectors. This is a unique conference on global visions and solutions to combat climate change via the holistic integration of the next -generation Internets with the Energy sector, especially Smart Electric Power Grids.
Please visit US China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) website http://ucgef.org for more detailed information of the 2016 Summit. The conference information are also posted on a website in China: http://www.cee.cqu.edu.cn/UCGES2016/
Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
Ⅰ Energy Strategy, Policy & Economy Development
  • Energy & electricity demand forecasting
  • Coordinated development of energy, economy, climate & environment
  • Strategic planning research & policy evaluation in energy development
  • Policy mechanisms for international energy cooperation
  • Energy interconnection tools
Ⅱ Renewable Energy Integration Technology
  • Renewable energy development policy
  • Renewable energy power generation & operation technology
  • Development of renewable energy generation and storage in electricity markets
  • Coordinated operation and optimization of renewable energy and conventional power supplies
  • Global renewable energy resources assessment and analysis
  • New technologies and applications in energy storage and its market development.
  • Optimal technologies for energy storage and renewable generation
Ⅲ Energy Internet
  • Coordinate control and management of distributed energy resources
  • Intelligent information management in energy internet
  • Power grid interconnection technology
  • Benefit evaluation of power grid networking
  • Interconnection coordination mechanism of transnational grid
  • Power grid security & operation control
  • Networked control and optimization strategies for energy internet
Ⅳ Smart Grid Technology
  • Modern information communication technology and smart grids
  • Smart technology in power transmission, distribution and consumption
  • Operation and control of smart grids
  • Coordinated development of smart grids and smart cities
  • Big data applications in smart grids
  • Demand response policy, technologies and applications
  • Electric vehicle charging / switching technologies
  • Effects of electric vehicle access on grids
Paper Submission Requirements
Papers (English language, maximum length four (4) pages) must be prepared in accordance with the full paper template.
US letter format is preferable, while A4 format is also acceptable. Authors using LaTeX templates can follow the link to the IEEE website: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html
Authors must submit their full papers electronically in PDF format to ucges2016@126.com.
Important Dates
Submission of full papers: March 15, 2016
Notification of acceptance: April 15, 2016
Submission of camera-ready papers: April 30, 2016
Presentation of Conference Papers
All the accepted conference papers will be scheduled for a poster session on July 14th, 2016, Silicon Valley, California, USA.
Prizes for Best Paper and Poster
The summit will set up three prizes for two best papers and one best poster. Each selected excellent paper or poster will be awarded a Prize $500 USD.
Summit Prize Sponsors
Wanda K. Reder, IEEE Fellow; Chair of IEEE Smart Grid Task Force; former president IEEE PES; Chief Strategy Officer at S & C Electric.
Jessica Bian, Secretary, IEEE PES; Advisory Staff, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
Xiaofeng Zhang, Executive Vice President of US China Green Energy Council; Regional Marketing Director, Howard Industrial Inc.; IEEE Senior Member.
All accepted paper will be published in the conference proceedings, the selected excellent papers will be recommended to SCI or EI-indexed journals.

US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC)

【有奖征文】2016年美中绿色能源峰会 征文通知

本次峰会的主题是:“发展能源互联网以应对气候变化”。全球能源转型是此次绿色能源峰会的热议话题,美中两国三大行业的领导人加入其中,推广绿色能源以满足全球电力需求, 减少大气污染。在此,中美政府官员将和来自电力行业、可再生能源行业、信息技术行业和互联网行业的领军人物举行跨界会谈,开展一次具有特殊意义的大会,聚焦全球视野,旨在将下一代互联网技术与能源领域特别是智能电网相结合,为应对气候变化提供解决方案。
或峰会中国网站 http://www.cee.cqu.edu.cn/UCGES2016/
  • 能源和电力需求预测
  • 能源与经济、气候和环境的协调发展
  • 能源发展转型的战略规划研究和政策评估
  • 国际能源合作的政策机制
  • 能源互联互通研究
  • 新能源发展政策
  • 新能源发电新技术
  • 电力市场中的新能源发电和储能技术
  • 新能源和常规能源的协调优化运行
  • 全球可再生能源资源的评估和分析
  • 储能及其市场发展中的新技术和新应用
  • 储能和新能源协调优化技术
  • 分布式能源的协调控制和管理
  • 能源互联网中的智能信息管理
  • 电网互联技术
  • 电网互联的效益评估
  • 跨国电网的互连协调机制
  • 电网安全与运行控制
  • 能源互联网的网络控制和优化策略
  • 现代信息通信技术和智能电网
  • 智能输变电、配电和用电技术
  • 智能电网运行与控制
  • 智能电网和智慧城市的协调发展
  • 智能电网中的大数据处理
  • 需求响应政策、技术和应用
  • 电动汽车充电及换电技术
  • 电动汽车接入对电网的影响
可参照US letter f格式,也可参照A4格式。用LaTeX模板可参照IEEE网站:http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html
所有录用会议论文将于2016年7月14日Poster Session环节展示。
Wanda K. Reder,IEEE院士; IEEE智能电网特别工作组主席;IEEE PES前主席;施恩禧电气首席战略官。
Jessica Bian,IEEE PES秘书长;联邦能源管理委员会(FERC)顾问。
Xiaofeng Zhang,美中绿色能源促进会执行副总裁;霍华德工业公司国际市场总监; IEEE高级会员。

Welcome to join us.

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US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC), based in Silicon Valley, is a leading non-profit organization to facilitate and sponsor high impact cleantech collaborative initiatives and projects between the US and China, and to serve as a platform for the integration of cleantech policy, business, investment, research and educational projects for the two countries. For more information, please visit http://ucgef.org/
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