Tuesday, July 13, 2021

from day 1 of bloomberg live sustainablebizsummt

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"In my view, climate change mitigation and (economic) growth are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, they are mutually enhancing based on very good policies." President & Chair of Jin Liqun tells #SustainableBizSummit

.'s Audrey Choi on what ESG investors are interested in, "At the top of the list is climate change, circular economy, public health, and community development. I do expect these trends to continue - almost the light bulb went on." #SustainableBizSummit

NOW: Day 1 of the #SustainableBizSummit kicks off! Don't miss conversations with 's Bernard Looney, 's , 's , 's Makoto Uchida, 's , and more!
On the $1bn investment in EVs in the UK and plans to expand further into other markets, "We started with the UK and definitely, that is a starting point of our electrification strategy - we will continue to do so." CEO Makoto Uchida #SustainableBizSummit