Monday, August 2, 2021

the most valuable survey college students ever viralised c1

 a key question to collab 100 go-green universities friends in oxford and glasgow, at bbc and various royal societies, in tokyo, in bangladesh, in ghana , historically at The Economist

related ref massive collaborations 28/36 hu5.4 honoring fazle abeed and 1billiongirls.com

what is the unique contribution to climate adaptation that a university's place partners can empower under 30s to action map -early uk pilots under way include oxford, glasgow, royal societies, 

examples are only just coming in along the road to glasgow cop26 and beyond

in the case of arizona state it starts off simple- lack of water; it gets quite detailed currently phoenix gets its water by abuse of native people; not having a coastline it cant directly advance desalination the way uae and israel can 

in the case of bangladesh it used to be cyclones but it is now being the first nation where most people will be flooded out unless the world turns on ocean warming

in the case of tokyo it is interesting - while too much water is the problem its people see each year, it is prepared to take the 1960-2020 responsibility for having grown the whole of asia round carbon; mayor koike is therefore looking for major western cities that will truly take carbon zero reseaerch, actions, investment, redesign collaboratively; as mayor koike said she has solid partnership with los angeles; she wants to know if new york will be a solid partnership; she has actively contributed to gordon browns 50 national leaders concerned with transformational education so she can pick other city partnerships through the trust she has built

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