Sunday, August 1, 2021

student union club of esg ratings c2

 students can share  original reports wherever they meet particular companies - whether a company has a base or research interests in a university town to how a company's advertising has abused students mental health

the simplest way to start a ratings bank is to score esg ratings from 0.5 to 1,5 - or exceptionally outside that range

0.5 means out students feedback concludes that investment xxx when fully accounted for sustainability is worth less than half that wall street currently makes; 1.5 means we believe the company is under-rated; there are so many ways student union clubs could move esg reality forward from the esg greenwasher- but the starting point is to make the esg student union club the most collaborative with all esg student clubs as well as more popular than university sports cheerleaders clubs

something that matters is to get globally started - changes in index often provide the most important clues of all- assuming the information causing the change in index is solid - you can then start interacting with the company- consider buying 1 share of company's whose index is changing so as to attend the agm 

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