Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Quality Education for Climate Action

Video still of Camilla Croso, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Haldis Holst, Iveta Silova, and Jhannel C. Tomlinson from "Quality Education for Climate Action

The global climate emergency is perhaps the most pressing issue of our time, but without a climate-literate population we cannot adequately respond to the threats it presents. At a time when the need for climate and environmental literacy has never been greater, the subject of climate education is conspicuously absent from political and public discourse. 

This conversation explores a path forward for climate education—particularly for its inclusion in the national climate action plans of Paris Agreement signatories.

Former Italian Minister of Education Lorenzo Fioramonti shares insights on the significance of climate education, having introduced the subject in Italian schools. UN Youth delegate and co-founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change Jhannel C. Tomlinson discusses lessons from the challenges she faces working with communities affected by the climate emergency in her native Jamaica. 

In conversation with Iveta Silova, Fioramonti and Tomlinson reflect on how climate education can foster engaged citizens and promote the sort of individual and collective actions necessary for both a just and a sustainable future.


  • Camilla Croso


    Camilla Croso is director of the Open Society Education Program.

  • Lorenzo Fioramonti


    Lorenzo Fioramonti is a member of Italian parliament, former Italian minister of Education, professor of political economy at the University of Pretoria, and an associate fellow of the Centre for the Study of Governance Innovation.

  • Haldis Holst


    Haldis Holst is the deputy general secretary of Education International and serves on the boards of the Global Partnership for Education, the Education 2030 Steering Committee, and the Global Campaign Against Child Labor.

  • Iveta Silova


    Iveta Silova is an Education Program Advisory Board member, director of the Center for the Advanced Studies in Global Education at Arizona State University, and president of the Comparative and International Education Society. 

  • Jhannel C. Tomlinson


    Jhannel C. Tomlinson is a doctoral student at the University of West Indies, UN Youth delegate, member of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, and co-founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change.

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