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george tobola rota - treach out asia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpFMXpiHies

gced youth as agents of long term relationships

how volunteerring helps youtconnects as citozens

caitlin unesco in doha 3 years from australia  unesco

lakitia programming officer virgina commonwealth partners -service learning international directors- also student life and culture transitions also north wester uni in doha for 10 years originally from los angeles

connections with rose - joining frommleg=banon loca org in lebanon supportingyouth at risk and with dusability helping them being activemembers of society - innovation ways for youth - awesme job for me

akmed - i world fonministry in doha; born herte; founder youth for envoronment try any locally action the goals

first in rota theink local global seroes rota arrange actions parters univesities - celbrating spoecial un days tryong ti inspire teriary students in qatar - just webinar 1

q to caitlin how does unesco define global youth cirizenship

well unesco coordnates goal 4

so citizenship goes to goal 4.7  -caitlin

prevuously education seen as contrubting tofamily economy

u now concerendewd with holiustic development of thelearners contributing to just sustaiavle workd

3 pillars coginitive- critocial analysis

2nd level social empotional shared values - eg global citizeb sees deforestratipn imacring diverse ways

3rd leve behascioral where volunteer meets global citizeb

see fab tresource gde campus gced 

latisha vcuarts

-also liberal arts program

fashion desifgners can remake wirld sustainvle materia fashion design merchanding interdiscipliay ways of grwoing commericaial ars to tacle social challenges

our most experienced volunteer coordinators next - rota welcomes rose and akmed long term partners of rota

rose lebanon in 2017 met people from lebano to qatar to morocco with rota youth advisory group from misha 24 youth across mena region shatig isdeas researchbmontioring valuation

worked in teams on this across aran=b world

across conitnts sports for socil impact, erasmus class, all have helped me with my soft skills perspecrive needed to bring global confidence when i cam baxk to act locally in lebanon - volunteervexoerience in circus- all apprenticed my own employability

ackmmed your volunterering journey - 

looking for things that change my envirinment - projects cal also change me

travelled eg to tunisia - i had dropped out from university but meeting people inntunisua who needee help more than me

i was able to givethem english and fisrat aid classes with canadians etc - by hekpojg mentor them i grew my confidence and linked some exctinbg organisations local impsacts

youth agency - cf carnegie framework cf tufs youth engagemnent

practice the qualities of reatuvity sustainability how can volunteering be the pathway

caitlin commitong time to cause bigger than yourself is notivating character buyilding - practiceat network wuith civil socity - actioning the ngos- thinkoutside box to do with limited resources

by coming from ourside traditional org - can mediate, negotiates, inspites others to access . poistive enthusiam multuipleies

question i ask as an educator overlsap bewten pearcive volunterr sand more formal edu cf marta -mutually reinforcing changeedu system the more volunrewer practice

lamitha lrarnig by doing arts parter local nepal association

field study trips arioung world in experiential learning

art work helps do this eg in our visit to greece museums

different world viewthan own lovality - loking inard and outsude at same time

world citizen - cf what gandhi meant

to vbe community builder vcu - to be worldwitizeb - exhibition poerry/arys excibitions to exporess feeling durig pandemic cf song - our students also get chane to yeach arttherapy lessos - reseiging jewelry, indigenous solutions jumper for workes inb cibstruction sites rhat help  cool them down

over to rose-- in lebanon

as child very wooried - in my 20s the3se global connectons freed me from just local struggle -volkunteering one month in spain

pracice in georgia villages

aha regardless of location born youh hve many same problems -have examples of success and tragedy - societoes only grow when collectib=vvity comes from tranlating working resilient caring society idea from abriad to local

helped me love country more in spite of our troubles

over to akmed

by volunterring i became more resonsible

being given platfprm to see diffet ideasvround world

the believeinyouth helpijg yoputh crrate the future- example envronmetal actions in dhainstead of just theoreticalpolicy

caitlin from un perspectiove volunteer agency unv web great examples of volunter projects for graduates -look out for whether interns give volunteer

latisha - deliver eg water to local construcio sitesv see learn do

rose --  

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