Thursday, December 31, 2020

chatham women climate day 8 march

 1 chatham house dwan  -very chatham - no chat

2 uk minister trelellyan

3 uksubminister boyd

*****talk 4 mama cash neterlands gaga alliance  zohra moosa very local otger 2 main partners nicaraguafud - smaller deper  global alliance green gender  More about GAGGA, including research, an evaluation of the programme, etc: https://gaggaalliance.org/

t***alk 5 olandsu nigera ver passionate - in nigeria get climate  wrong and exclude women we get war

t**alk 6 sonika manadhar nepal young champions earth and nationalgfeo so emerging explorer-katmandu green city 1995 green electic minimuses -hydro but now rustinf 1995 but today 5 times higher air pollutionn-same country billion dollar import carbon fuel

tvureau alk 7 gender rep on gov  alicia herbery (black ) gender envoy claims 25 year experience dfid

q why stimulus 008 measures dindnt work

whats stimuls package opportunities now?

who is verania chao?  at undp


learning intl ge - justice to worl cop26

disaster prep - how make women safer disprorionate challenges - scale up gendwr responsive protection - support halth/sFETY CRISIS- EARLY ACTION PAETNER REAP- INTER=RILIENCE GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP - RISK INSURANCE uk commitment icf international climate finance - better dat bu geograpphy gender - drumbeat co-hosting malive event  with csw -uk cdc , euro 2x task force

chatham common futures space bringing young people together 

action on climate finance - cesibility gender responsive; on ground


Megan Rowling 09:57 AM 

Please could we hear more about the specific actions the UK is undertaking to boost women's inclusion in COP26 delegations and amplify their voices and participation at the conference? For example, is it being raised in diplomatic discussions? Will there be any new initiatives on gender and climate action at COP26?

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Charles Johnston 09:41 AM  

How do these government aims tally with the decision to recuce overseas aid funding?

Alice Chilcott 09:51 AM  

Please could Emma explain why stimulus measures didn't work for a gender-equal recovery post-2008 and what we need now?

peter verbrugghe 10:03 AM  

Thank you, could Zohra please elaborate a bit on the lack of gender awareness of the big climate funds, might be helpful to point out to our governments who often fund them without much preconditions, at least not on gender. Thank you, Peter (Political Counsellor Belgian Embassy London)

Emma Killick 10:05 AM  

Importance of empowering local communities to develop local solultions is coming through clearly. How can we further devolve decision making to local communities, both here in the UK and internationally.

Bonnie Evans-Hills 09:40 AM  

Why mention 'cooking solutions' as specifically something that women and girls are using? Don't men eat? Isn't this wording placing blame on women? And expecting women to come up with solutions?

Bonnie Evans-Hills 10:09 AM 

This was a question for Minister Trevelyen. Language matters. The rest of the panelists did not make this same implication.

Ella Burdett 10:03 AM  

How can we use women as a resource to overcome the exploitative force of capitalism which has over centuries contributed to the commodification and abuse of both women and the natural world? And in what ways can we inspire and materialise intersectional respect for women and nature, especially in places that are most marginalised by the masculinising processes of capitalism, such as postcolonial countries and low-income countries? This may be a question for Zohra

Yousra Salem 09:44 AM  

what measures are the UNDP taking to help improve women access to funds to build capacity to adapt to climate risks?

Olena Yermakova 10:05 AM  

Hello, thank you for your presentations! A question to all, do you think climate change will cause a new wave of migration? If so, how do we ensure that women from poor countries, being more vulnerable and often much less educated (than men in their home countries and than women in their countries of destination) integrate well into receiving societies and economies?

Abigail McFarlane 10:20 AM 

This! And how long should we utilise mitigation techniques before we accept the inevitable and move to adaptation? How will this impact those women and girls at risk of displacement?

Megan Evans 09:45 AM  

What is NDC please

Megan Evans 09:47 AM 

Thank you

Dominic King 10:03 AM  

As climate inaction disproportionately negatively impacts women, should we expect positive climate action to provide a outsized postive boost to women's empowerment/development?

sani aminu 10:07 AM  

Solar energy is one of the most important solutions to climate change challenge. In Africa in particular, women are heavily involved not only in food production but in food preparation as well, which all involves energy production and expenditure.

Could the conveners and speakers please explain why is solar energy not promoted by world bodies like G7, AU, EU, UN and others as one of the solutions especially in developing countries?

Sayo Banjo 10:08 AM  

To Ms Oladosu, given the current political climate in Nigeria what examples can be taken in terms of a response to farmers and herdsmen conflicts of natural resources? You suggest it should be framed as a climate crisis rather than ethnic crisis, how should leaders adress this when ethnicity and conflict are major issues currently?

Sayo Banjo 10:17 AM  

In nigeria and other countries, can we expect a continuous increase in violence against women and girls? This could be, for example, the kidnapping of women and girls in exchange for ransom which is more recently gaining media attention in Nigeria. Would education and a change in cultural attitudes be most effective or is the burden on women to ensure their own saftey where security forces fail to find a solution to kidnappings? How does this relate to clmate action?

Anna Queralt Fuentes 09:45 AM  

Hi, thanks for setting up this session and this amazing panel! Just wanted to ask if it’s possible to see the whole slides. They are cut on the sides. Thank you.

Anum Farhan, Chatham House 09:48 AM 

We apologise for this, we will see if this can be rectified for the event recording.

Anna Queralt Fuentes 09:49 AM 

Thank you

Ana Rojas 10:00 AM  

Dear Zohra, can you please ellaborate a more on what you mean by large scale increasing gender based violence. Were you refering to large scale infrastructure projects or large amounts of finance brought into a region? Thank you for the clarificatio.

Karim Abdo 10:03 AM  

Have you identified the main reasons for why climate events disproportionally hit women’s lives? (Question to Emma Boyd)

Ella Burdett 10:12 AM  

can any of the speakers expand on how they believe it is possible to create intersectional policies between gender, environmental justice and climate action agendas in order to restore both land and marine biodiversity? Because we cannot solely focus on carbon and the race to zero - biodiversity is essential as part of the world’s natural resilience and adaptation to climate shocks

Chihenyo Kangara 09:51 AM  

What are your perspectives on how countries can enhance the integration and cohesion of both adapation and mitigation metrics that are more gender responsive?

Ivonne Lopez 10:08 AM  

What actions are expected to be achieved during COP26 regarding gender perspective in the climate emergency?

Ivonne Lopez 10:08 AM  

How can we make sure that the UK is seen a real advocate for this issue when there is so much being said about not having gender parity is the COP26 Leadership Team?

Ivonne Lopez 10:09 AM  

What are the biggest challenges faced at local level when working in projects that combine the gender and the climate agenda?

Virginia Porter 10:11 AM  

When discussing climate change we often describe it as a external threat, mainly facing countries in Africa or other areas in the global south. What efforts are being made nationally to highlight that this is an issue for all? Furthermore, how is gender being incorporated to this beside the idea of having equal female representation/participation?

elizabeth isele 10:18 AM  

I admire all of the programs described by the panelists that are designed to empower women. What I have not heard, however, is about programs that help environomentalists tap into women as a resource  particularly those who work in agriculture, including indegenous women, who have a prounfound sense of what the land needs for restoration and sustainability. Do such programs currently exist?

Bishop Richard Odoch 09:43 AM  

i am glad for women the role that the play in our lives and their actives role in shaping this world in a positives way,when God created Adam,God realised that the man Adam was lonely and God created Eve to bhelp Adam govern.

how can we bring must needed change to bring more awareness about gender equally worldwide especially in some countries that gender inequaliies is rampant and to involve women to play active role in climate change.

Tess McLoud 09:53 AM  

Project Drawdown lists educating girls and improving women's health through access to voluntary, rights-based reproductive health care as top climate solutions, and recent reports by Women Deliver and Intl Planned Parenthood Foundation draw clear linkages between women's reproductive health and rights and climate change. Lack of access to reproductive health care is also a key driver of gender inequality globally. Can you speak to the COP26's efforts for meeting women's reproductive health needs, especially meeting unmet needs for family planning, as a climate solution?

Amy Cripps 10:05 AM  

The Donkey Sanctuary are working towards the inclusion of working animal welfare within sustainable development policy and reporting, as healthy working animals have a strong contributory role to play in supporting gender empowerment as well as social, environmental and economic resilience. As an animal welfare organisation, we are often seen as being “outside” of the traditional debate, therefore how can we encourage cross-sectoral efforts and move away from previously siloed approaches to both climate action and gender equality?

William Law 10:06 AM  

I would like to hear from the panel their thoughts on the Great Green Wall and the Trans Africa Pipeline intended to help resolve both desertification and water crisis.  Some call it a pipedream, others the last best hope.

Belal Al-Hubaishi 10:07 AM  

May I have the contact address of Zohra's organisation to make a collaboration in gender climate change, especially in Yemen.

Michael Tawanda 10:09 AM  

Zohra - If given, as you say that "Bigger is not always better" (i) at what size (£/$ etc; and/or target population) does "Small is beautiful" obtain (ii) are the societal level impacts therefore, commensurately small?


the farmer-realears clash is adding to the existing insecurity in Nigeria more especially in the north east where women are treated as second class citizens and their education is taking the back seat. The level of crisis has gotten to an appex level to an extent some girls boarding schools are being close because of the fear of being abducted.

Louise Cooke 10:12 AM  

The gender balance in the environment agency was impressive. do you know if its similar in other related agencies e.g..BEIS, DEFRA, forestry commission?

Mailene Gecolea-Laviña 10:14 AM  

how do you dispose batteries of electric mini buses?

Richard Haakonde 10:16 AM  

In Zambia- Africa of late there has been a huge prevalence of floods displacing households yearly and the most affected are women and children, pregnant women are affected more. Most of the settlement are unplanned with no proper drainage systems. What initiatives can one employ to alleviate suffering especially for pregnant women in a resource limited country like Zambia? Great insights so far thanks...

A. Reid Harvey 09:37 AM  

Is their chat?  Do we do self introductions?

Anum Farhan, Chatham House 09:36 AM 

The chat has been disabled for this event. Please use this box to submit your questions only.

christopher macrae (You) 09:43 AM  

on cop26 middle saturday nov 6 glasgow university union opening space for events facilitated by young women and eg alumni of both adam smith and women empwerment's sir fazle abed - any ideas on what to linkin welcome  now or any time chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.economistdiary.com

Mohamed SIDIBE 09:53 AM  

how to shap publics policies to includ gender issue for climate change

Mohamed SIDIBE 09:58 AM  

Zohra Moosa may i have the address of your organization maybe we can do some importante things together on climate Adaptation


How important are womens rights and specifically recognition of womens right to participate in saving the planet? Do we need a new human rights convention to gaurantee womens participation? Or a declaration as a minimun from the UN that in every meeting discussion  initiative etc must have 50% womens participation given the value and importance of their participation?



Mailene Gecolea-Laviña 10:05 AM  

can anyone from Resource Persons share or mention one best tool being used to measure climate change and gender concerns mainstreaming in development programs and projects, specifically for developing countries? thank you

Seth Ansah 10:05 AM  

Has Nature-Based Solutions been considered globally to mitigating the effects of climate change. I can imagine its cost effectiveness especially in developing countries

Bea Coatss 10:21 AM  

A question for Alicia Herbert please: Is the UK government going to use the G7 summit to make an ambitious pledge to the Global Partnership for Education, which helps to make education more resilient to climate change (an issue we know disproportionately impacts girls), to plug the international financing gap in education?

Darcy Allen De Gracia 10:24 AM  

Question for any/all panelists: in what ways can policies and approaches for women's rights in climate justice link to other initiatives for women's rights, such as their sexual and reproductive health and rights?

Omayma Elmardi 08:13 AM  

thanks for inviting us to participate in this very important event.  despite women and girls espcially rural women and poor woment  are mostly affected by climate change but women are not aware by  the climate change, what is it means, its impact and conventions and agreements concerning this issue, my question is : what are the roles  the various institutions working in climate change play/ had play in raising the awareness of women at grass roots levels, engaging with or supporting local NGOs to play their role in raising awareness by the impact of climate change?

Alice Chilcott 09:46 AM  

Hello, I am also not seeing all the slides - they are cut off at the sides

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Andrea Knowles 09:55 AM  

Can you please provide the link where this event will be shared online. Thank you.

Anum Farhan, Chatham House 09:59 AM 

The event will be shared here: https://www.chathamhouse.org/events/all/research-event/climate-action-and-gender-equality-can-we-close-one-gap-without-other

Andrea Knowles 09:59 AM 

Thank you!

sani aminu 09:55 AM  

I don’t see the raising hand icon. My name is Sani Aminu. I wish to ask a question and also make a comment.

Mohamed SIDIBE 09:55 AM  

How to make a collaborations with you and local NGO's in Africa ?

Bee Bourke 09:57 AM  

is there a way to turn on subtitles/captions please?

Anum Farhan, Chatham House 10:03 AM 

Apologies Bee, we do not subtitles for this event.

Sayo Banjo 10:02 AM  

I have a question for Ms Oladosu,

christopher macrae (You) 10:05 AM  

does netherlands office of gaga connect with netherlands royal family lead at un - financial inclusion; also recent netherlands-ban ki moon climate adaptability summit? during covid how do you recommend people /stidentson ground build years of social action- youth civic engagement ban ki-moon aimed to mobilise; where will actions -climate resolution without borders -  reconnect post-covid- is there any shared calendar- one unifying newsletter before/after cop26?

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