Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 diary to cop26 glasgow nov 2021..and worldwide youth day glasgow university union saturday 6 november 

next zoom curriculum jan 25-6 ban ki moon 
***previous curriculum bloomberg and global investor diaries next event 30 nov 2020

---related human development curriculum
goal 1 -end poverty -
 curriculum 1.1 village- those who began the 3rd quarter of 20th century with no acceess to electricity grids - roughly 60% of the world's people - about 46% asia; 9% africa ;4% latin america ;1% selected from island nations
curriculum 1.2 - discuss other reasons for being born with little chance of making the most of life - eg skin color in usa  - we need to list contexts before we can search for solutions that may be common or specific

jargon by green we mean going beyond use of carbon - being the first generation that is sustaining the planet for future generations

by AI - generally we mean linking all new technologies since the birth of the UN 1945 - more specifically experts mean any data set that computers are developing their own learning from 

by humanising ai we mean apps and platforms of ai where the cojputer is assisting 

potentially related resources

***economist asia diary of two thirds of beings -year 60
un summit ai in education
***green AI diary  -here are some green videos from the un's arest ai faculty
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***bbc nature, prince charles and scots green diaries smitian year 260 of man & machines
***vatican uni and club rome green diary
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***amazon-latin am diary
***uae expo and edu-future diary
***university coalition green-mba
===other and intro above

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