Monday, November 22, 2021

does your country have as clear notetaker on what its doing with carbon as https://twitter.com/kimikohirata japans https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/ondemand/video/2058835/ - interesting bio - read gore's first book- went to work for us ngo for 2 years but came back in time for japan hosting kyoto summit- been mapping japan ever since

Kimiko Hirata @kimikohirata · 7h NHK World “Direct Talk” picked up my story. nhk.or.jp Tackling Climate Change: Hirata Kimiko / International Director, Kiko Network - Direct Talk | NHK... Hirata Kimiko, a director of an NGO that works on climate change issues, has been a fierce opponent of coal power in Japan. She was recently awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize. Kimiko Hirata Retweeted Kimiko Hirata 平田仁子 @kimihirata · Nov 17 Privileged to meet and talk with Ambassador Tai today. Trade policy has to address climate, for sure. Quote Tweet Ambassador Katherine Tai @AmbassadorTai · Nov 17 I had an invigorating conversation today with Japanese climate advocates. I firmly believe trade needs to be a tool to address climate change, and I welcomed their views and thoughts on how the U.S. and Japan can accomplish it together. Kimiko Hirata Retweeted Takeshi Kuramochi @TakeshiKuramo · Nov 15 Denial at its finest… Japanese government’s #COP26 summary has no mention of coal or fossil fuels, at all! Quote Tweet Kimiko Hirata 平田仁子 @kimihirata · Nov 15 同僚に知らされて、びっくりです。 政府のCOP26結果概要に一言も「石炭」の文言が出てこないと。これだけ注目され、議長が焦点の一つに挙げ、最後まで議論され続けた石炭の扱いに全く触れないとは。会議の状況をおよそ適切に伝えず、これまで通りにやろうというのでしょうか。

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