Tuesday, September 14, 2021

 ash smart infrastructure  -see dqatasmartcities.org


civil engineering education system needs updating with digital side

digital infrastructue - equality of reporting instead of political lobby where to focus


digital infratructure paper  https://ash.harvard.edu/publications/toward-smarter-future-building-back-better-intelligent-civil-infrastructure-smart?utm_campaign=Ash_Center_Announcement&utm_medium=email&utm_source=AshSalesforce 

data smart pod casts

gov plan does not understand link between physical and digital infrastructure- ver little srticulation about value - all about money

some water systems not fully integrated since civil war

infrastructure deficit about 7 tn $ to 2020 just to keep up- iot sensors real time data

coonected "intelligent infrastrucure" eg sensors warn weaknesses in building etc-

america sewer engineering society game changer awards
roads akapavements sewers dams levies
91000 dams average age 57 years
over 100k miles of levies - many origially for farms etc but now in city area protectiona against weaher; 65% of dams/levies owned privately so little overall coordination

why would fed ever give money t dams with no digital monitoring

in europe all dams built now have sensors in them

little more in our traporatation sector- why not army corps of engineers involvede in this
dc has smar water pipe sysem - 165 of water lost daily basis

materials whats better than black hot asphalt
condo collapse floridqa brittleness of material used
eg flexible concrete pavement  can bend to 35% angle
self-healing concrete

less potholes more carbon capture
sensors detect microcracksbarrier
construction cost - larhe volume transnitt store huge amount of data - woek to di=o it
vety conservative civil engineering training
higher skill set of labor

leaders dutch singapore --- dam dafety dutch lead
us so decentealised  and jura- no minister infrastructure -b3 levels desion making us
takes cillapses vberfore sencsors used in bridges

sustainability work also equity work ieworst infrastructor in blackarea
air polution sensors
oakland great pave project

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