Monday, July 12, 2021

china's green conversations

 extracts from karoline kan  of bloomberg

Karoline Kan
Environment and climate reporter ; Author of Under Red Skies; opinions are my own. contact: ckan31@bloomberg.net; karoline0318@gmail.com amazon.com/Under-Red-Skie…Joined July 2013

The Pearl River Delta, a manufacturing hub that’s home to tens of millions of people, is the world’s most at-risk urban center from rising sea levels, according to a report by Verisk Maplecroft. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study showed that the North China Plain, the nation’s most populous and agriculturally important region, is at risk of deadly heatwaves that could make some areas uninhabitable

 the public generally agrees with the government's official position, but few grasp the urgency of the crisis or what it means for their individual futures. In a recent survey of 5,400 Chinese aged 18 to 24 by nonprofit China Youth Climate Action Network, over 40% of them called climate change the biggest threat to the world. Yet almost 60% of them failed a simple knowledge test about the issue. 

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