Wednesday, October 7, 2020

canada's changing what every school learns about urgently going green- hows your nation measuring up on road to cop26

 dear professor mckenzie

congratulations on climate monitoring research
please tell me if any of these connections might be useful at any time

iat unctad a year ago i met the head of the bbc studios responsible for david attenborough's connections- he and the british consul in geneva told me to mail them if i came across any deep educational connections- actually long time ago i went to school with davids nephew- since a lot of my published work is on bad and good media attenborough has always been mu gold standard for a journalist

i believe coalition and educational transformation are species critical- here's my questioning of harvards nye on this at one of the last real summits i could get to nye:csis jan2020 dc the greatest debate help search www.masterclass100.com

i see tech particularly artificial intelligence will be make or break- as a statistician i can see that ai can do much more than slide ruler we had in my school days -but designing bottom-up data seems -- canadian research have been playing quite an active role in the geneva un/itu #aiforgood which has over last 4 years become the  largest zoom faculty pf its kind

through 2010s i went to bangladesh 15 times and beijing 8 times to understand the sdg university coalitions being demanded by women across asia- in remembering my father norman macrae the japan embassy in dhaka hosted 2 debriefings on that subject chaired by my family's greatest hero http://www.fazleaded.com whose 50 years of work on poverty alleviation linked in the world's largest ngo coalition

glasgow being my family tree's home town my friends and i am aim to zoom connections welcoming people to cop26 nov 2021 -thats plan a- if covid is still preventing us we will need to open up a different space

although i am monolingual one of my great heroes is fabrice jaumont connector of dual language education at the french consul in ny

sincerely chris macrae norman macrae foundation
20 youth co-edited blogs eg povertyuni.com leconomistUN.com 

coauthor 1984's 2025 report - can we the peoples find sustainability's way out of big brother endgames?

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