Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Christina is an uber networker at brookings in washington dc - while her remit is transformative girls education where she has just hosted annual event with 30+ practice leaders including unicef,and  other movers of education eg DFID and Malala fund from UK -focusing this year on the India subcontinent her passion is climate and nature

Julian: i realise BBC , David Attenborough and you are coming up to a peak launch week with 7 worlds one planet - if in coming months there is time to map where youth could mobilise stories a billion people needs to action learn round I am confident that christina could help suggest some uniquely timely spaces

Of course there is much more to her contributions than my short intro

all the best
chris macrae +1 240 316 8157 whataspp/wechat
washington dc region, norman macrae foundation the economist's sub-editor of end poverty and education's revolutions in humanising AI

ps in Geneva you mentioned ten cent had amplified blue planet 2 stories; I will be attending ten cent co-founder celebration in hong kong dec 2 of my favorite educator bangladesh womens Sir Fazle Abed of brac world's largest ngo partnership- are you connecting with ten cent networks in rolling out 7 worlds - we are mapping university leaders and eg Schwarzman scholars who aim to introduce radically new curricula and innovation platforms to green , female and other sdg AI-big data collaborations with a particular emphasis 75th UN year on events Japan is linking in between now and the olympics- as you probably know the new emperor is passionate about water in every way it refreshes the planet having made The Thames his dissertation during 1980s studies in oxford - together the royal families of Japan and UK offer unique momentum for green youth movements

(It could also be timely if hong kong launched some of the world's most urgent green digital curricula and  summits mapping whole of asian investors and green AI impacts)

On Tuesday, 17 September 2019, 05:42:28 GMT-4, Julian Hector <julian.hector@bbc.co.uk> wrote:

Thank you Christopher

Blue Planet II NOT Blue Planet.

Thank you

From: christopher macrae <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2019 at 10:56
To: Julian Hector <julian.hector@bbc.co.uk>
Subject: follow up unctad conversation -attenborough 7 worlds one planet

To Julian Hector BBC- thanks for the inspiring presentation at the UN in Geneva and saying I could follow up

Here is the rough draft 
No peoples have spent more on public service broadcasting than the British. So it Is fitting to consider Attenborough as today’s broadcaster sharing the most valuable learning of all 8 billion people on planet earth. When David started celebrating his passion- the natural world  -in the 1950s, it was not an obvious television arena. TV was black & white; traveling around the world was costly; tools for editing detailed filming were laborious. Attenborough became an unique centre of gravity for the generation of media workers who built television as the most powerful media. David kept out of the world of celebrity making, or perhaps more accurately: his teams made sure the celebrities were the animals and mother nature herself.
Today, series like Blue Planet II reach over a billion borderless viewers including more than a quarter of a billion young Chinese who interact their desire to explore the planet, on smart mobile phones. Attenborough’s stories make the case for United Nations sustainability goals – particularly 14,15 like no other audience participation network. Whilst leaders of powerful nations prevaricate over cooperation pathways to climate resolution -mapping beyond the value chains of carbon- the unforgettable evidence of marine life choking on plastic waste and the death of coral can linkin unstoppable human movements. Is this our last call for saving our species from extinction? Search from October 2019: what do global alumni of Attenborough make of 7 WORLDS ONE PLANET? World service has never been so timely, so youth hopeful. 

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